Why it makes sense to avoid boredom in retirement

By March 17, 2019 Health & Nutrition

Don’t make retirement the opposite of what its meant to be. Its meant to be happy times for most of the period, but if boredom sets in it could really kill the way retirement is supposed to pan out for us. The author here in a very simple manner sets out the case for fighting boredom in retirement. Team RetyrSmart

Why it makes sense to avoid boredom in retirement

While we’re still working, the idea of sitting around and just relaxing may sound very appealing, and it is — for a while. However, if it becomes a major part of our life in retirement, we’re heading for trouble. Just watching lots of TV and avoiding any activities that require much physical or mental effort is a sure path to boredom and unhappiness.

Once we retire, most people find a life of passive leisure, just enjoying the freedom from work and responsibility, is not the answer to a happy retirement. It is only by organising our lives so we are physically, mentally and creatively challenged can most people find happiness and satisfaction in their retirement years. To be truly alive and enjoying this world, we need to be stimulated and handling challenges is generally a stimulating activity.

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