Where Do I Begin ?

By April 3, 2019 Retirement & Work

The new year is off to a brisk start, as usual. You were quite busy last year, as usual. Lots of thoughts

on what needs doing but lots didn’t get done, as usual. And now not too sure where to begin on allthe pending thoughts, as usual. If you have not been keeping meticulous notes, it’s possible you don’t remember most of the things that went through your mind last year. That’s not a nice place to be in if you intend making 2018 a much more productive and effective year for yourself. To help you with somewhere to begin, we have prepared a checklist in which you might find many of the things you considered last year or at least things that will help jog your memory about what you were thinking off last year. Some of the items maybe useful even if you hadn’t really thought of them.

If you find this checklist triggering off your thoughts it’s a great start to the year. To make it really useful it would be a good idea to actually jot down the key items that you want to pursue in 2018. Once you have done that, just put a date by which you want it completed against each item. And to make it really effective you must monitor the status at least once a month.

So, this is somewhere where you could begin? Did you think of this? Or something like this? Or would you like to think about it?

Financial Housekeeping

1. Collating all your investments in one place – Mutual Fund account statements, Bank FDRs, PPF, Tax Free bonds etc
2. Review Bank accounts – keep important ones, close the ones that you don’t really need
3. Check insurance policies – make a calendar of policy renewal dates
4. Nominations to be made on financial investments in your name
5. Creating a power of attorney in favour of a trusted person
6. Writing a will and registering it
7. Making investments favouring your grandchildren
8. Take an inventory of what is there in your bank locker

Property related
1. Check availability of copies of original documents and place in a secure place
2. Review status of property taxes paid and pending
3. Review status of leased properties; make calendar of lease renewal dates
4. Any repairs or improvements that need to be planned on home or other properties
5. Explore Retirement Homes for the future

Health related
1. Collating medical records in one place
2. Health check-ups pending or to be planned
3. Doctor visits pending or to be planned
4. Need to see a dentist ?
5. Creating a medical power of attorney

Personal & Social
1. List of books I would like to read
2. Hobbies/learnings I would like to take up – music, sudoku, crosswords, new languages etc
3. Create a master list of contacts, well categorised
4. Listing of Birthdays & Anniversaries of near and dear ones
5. Advance planning for travel in the year

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