Turmeric is much more than a spice. It’s a health supplement


Turmeric has been from ages ago, a very important spice or condiment in the Indian kitchens. Across India one dare say. While being an integral part of our cooking, is quite the known thing what is not so well known probably is the health benefits of turmeric. Check the benefits for yourself as shared by an expert in the health space. Team RetyrSmart

Turmeric is much more than a spice. It’s a health supplement

1. Has very effective anti-inflammatory powers

For any kind of inflammation-related pain, turmeric is known to be very effective. Be it muscle pains or skin related problems, turmeric used with other mixtures have often been applied to the affected areas.

2. Prevention of cancer

Turmeric contains the enzyme curcumin, which blocks the growth of cancer cells, especially head and neck cancer varieties. It stops the spread of malignant cells within the mouth when chewed and if used in a controlled manner within one’s diet, prevents the growth of malignant cells in the first place

3. It has antioxidant properties

Studies have shown that turmeric contains curcumin, the primary enzyme within this spice, which is very effective in detoxifying the system. It is especially good in cleansing free radicals that may contribute to various cancers such as skin, colon or prostate cancer.

4. Pain relief in arthritis and osteoarthritis

Connected to the anti-inflammatory properties mentioned above, turmeric is known to be very effective in relieving arthritic pain. It is even known to have worked as a pain reliever in the case of osteoarthritis when it was used as an extract.

5. Prevention of plaque buildup and thus, lowering chances of heart disease

Plaque is the sediment that may buildup within the arteries and hence, results in its clogging. This is the single largest cause of heart attacks. The enzyme within turmeric, curcumin, is an effective agent in cleaning the arteries and therefore, preventing heart diseases.

6. Aids digestions and resolves many digestive problems

In small amounts, turmeric in the raw form is very good for the digestive system as it stimulates the production of bile. Research has shown that people who suffer from IBS or irritable bowel syndrome may also benefit from the use of this spice. Apart from this, even gas or bloating and an upset stomach can be cured by ingesting small amounts of turmeric.

The above discussed properties make turmeric a must have spice in everyone’s daily life. Hence, start consuming it today for optimal health.




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