Too much protein could be harmful for your health

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A well-balanced diet should include good protein intake, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Regarding proteins many of us believe that more the proteins the better it is. But that’s not quite true and the author has tried to explain what could go wrong if you do. Read below to get a sense of possible negative impact of excess consumption of proteins. Team RetyrSmart

Too much protein could be harmful for your health

Recommended protein intake per day

As they say, nothing in excess and everything in balance. This mantra can help you live a healthy life without disrupting the balance. The Dietary Reference Intake (DRA) is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Consult your doctor to know how much protein you should add in your diet. If you consume excessive protein, it can affect your health in the following ways.

Weight Gain

If you intake more protein than recommended, it can help you gain those extra inches rather than losing them. People usually take high protein diet because it aids in weight loss but that’s only a short term thing. Excess protein gets stored as fat in the body and on the contrary, it leads to weight gain.

Organ Damage

Consuming a lot of protein than required can lead to organ damage. Yes! you read it right. If you have some kidney disease, you need to limit your protein intake. Eating too much protein can build up extra waste in your body which the kidneys will not be able to flush out during this condition.
In the liver’s case, eating too much protein allows the build-up of ammonia and other toxic substances in the blood. The liver becomes overworked here and damage can be caused to it.

Digestive ailments

Excess protein intake can also cause certain digestive problems. This is because high-protein diets are quite low in fiber which restricts the smooth functioning of bowel movements. Also, as they have a high-fat content, they become difficult for the body to digest. This further leads to problems like constipation, nausea, diarrhea, bloating etc. which cause a lot of discomfort.

High Cholesterol

High protein diets, especially animal-based can increase the cholesterol levels in your body. The saturated and trans fats present in these foods are harmful to your health. The trans fats raise the level of the bad LDL cholesterol and lower the good HDL cholesterol. This cholesterol hardens the development of arteries in the body and thus causes heart diseases like strokes and heart attacks.


A high protein diet can lead to dehydration and puts a lot of strain on the kidneys. A lot of nitrogen waste is produced while the proteins get absorbed in the body which makes us thirsty and may cause problems like dry mouth and dehydration.

Therefore, make sure the amount of protein you consume is not too much but also not too less. A balanced amount of this essential nutrient can help you remain fit and in the pink of health.

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