Tax saving FD offers convenience, safety and a little liquidity too

By April 3, 2019 Money Matters

If you still haven’t done any tax-saving investment and are looking for a safe and easy bet for saving tax then a tax-saving fixed deposit could be a solution.

Tax-saving FD is one of the tax saving instruments where one can invest to save tax under section 80C of the Income Tax Act. One can invest in this FD easily by visiting a bank, filling the form and giving a cheque. In fact, if you place the FD in the same bank branch on which you are drawing the cheque then the transfer of funds can happen quickly and the investment can be done within a few hours.

As the transfer of funds would be between accounts in the same bank branch, it can be done within say, 20 minutes (depending on bank staff efficiency) and you could walk out with your FD receipt within half an hour. Of course, this investment can be done online also provided you have access to net banking and are comfortable using it.

Tax saving FD being a debt investment is safer than equity-based tax saving avenues such as ELSS schemes. Returns on a tax saving FD are also guaranteed contractually by the lender (the bank or post office) and fixed for the term of the FD.