Staying positive about ageing and tips to age better

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You have the power to optimize each day and be the author of your life. This is an important belief that will help you get over the negativity attached to ageing. It’s very important to look at the positive side of ageing. As we all know, ageing is inevitable but you can make it more meaningful. Explore the thoughts that the author shares in the article below. Team RetyrSmart 

Staying positive about ageing and tips to age better

  1. Lean into Trust

During uncertain times, it is common to throw in the towel. As adults, stress can be overwhelming, responsibilities are endless, and life can feel out of control.

Take a step back, take 5-10 deep breaths, lean into the challenge without judgment, and trust in the situation’s unfolding.

  1. Learn Something New

Make a list of all the activities that make you feel good, like cooking, reading, sewing, strength training, woodworking, painting, etc., then take steps to get to it.

I love cooking, so I add a new recipe to the rotation every two weeks. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many things. Pick one and follow through consistently. When you are ready, you can add more.

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  1. Focus on Health First, Vanity Second

I love looking strong and sexy from exercise. However, when I feel strong and sexy from consistently nourishing and moving my body, I can still see the wrinkles and marks my two gorgeous children left on my body as beautiful; anyhow I still look healthy, strong, and sexy.

If you focus on the wrong order, you will continue to grab at straws and feel miserable. Write down two things you love about feeling healthy and strong, then write one action step you will take to encourage that feeling throughout your day.

  1. Move More

Movement and strength training is essential for the muscles and bones in the body. It also helps you sleep, relieves stress and anxiety, increases your focus, energy, mood, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, mobility, and weight loss.

The movement you choose will look different at each stage of your life. And it is vital to

Take small steps daily to increase your movement. Set the alarm on your phone to get up through your day. Take a walk around the block a few times, take the stairs instead of the elevator, do push-ups while you wait for something to cook, or stretch while you watch tv.

Meet with a qualified fitness professional to help you design a program that meets your current and future needs. The important thing is to start small until it becomes second nature, then add more. Be consistent, and the results will come.

  1. Recruit Your Inner Child

Have you ever followed a child around all day? They don’t stop. What do adults do? Sit more and move less.

We must maintain the flexibility, mobility, and strength in our bodies to minimize the effects of the natural aging process. Buy a jump rope, hula hoop, play twister, or take a dance class online or in-person. Find activities that make you feel like a kid again, then take small steps to recruit that inner child.

  1. Take a Step Back and Breathe

Are you familiar with the benefits of breath work? Breath work breaks the stress response allowing you to handle any situation with focus, clarity, and confidence.

Deep abdominal breathing improves your mood, increases creativity, relieves stress and anxiety, strengthens intuition, enhances immunity, and returns the body to its natural sleep cycle. I highly recommend practicing 5-10 deep breaths every hour.

  1. Get Excited About Aging

Getting old might not be plums and roses all the time, but aging better, stronger, and fitter gives you a choice to live full out and is a privilege denied to many. It looks different for each of us, but embrace the changes with grace and love, continue to challenge your mind and body, and have fun.

  1. Stay Connected with a Social Group That Encourages Mental and Physical Growth

Surround yourself with like-minded people who will continue to challenge and encourage you to live and love life.

When I go into a downward spiral of self-loathing, I pause, give myself grace and time to figure out why I am there, then asking myself if the thoughts I have are true or just stories I am making up.

If I am home, I will journal or meditate and reframe the negative thoughts to ideas that will keep moving me forward. I know it is easier said than done, but with practice, it will become a habit.

Often instead of leaning into the challenge, we return to our default response. You must change your default response when you find yourself loathing over something. Treat your mind and body with the love it deserves. Phone a friend, hit the road for a walk, breathe, or practice your joyful activity.

As C.S. Lewis says,

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

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