Spending more on things that matter will help you live a better retirement

By January 9, 2020 LifeStyle

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Being frugal is a worthwhile financial experience. A frugal lifestyle means that you’ll save a decent amount of your after-tax rupees, and you’ll be financially comfortable longer. Some people get so tied up in the practice of being stingy with how they spend their money, that they find it difficult to let go and enjoy the money they make. It’s not that a lavish lifestyle is being suggested. But you can loosen your purse strings from time to time to spend on things that will help you live a more comfortable and content retired life. The author here tries to give you a sense of stuff that you could, maybe should, spend more on as it will serve you well. Read for yourself and see where you stand on this. Team RetyrSmart

Spending more on things that matter will help you live a better retirement

Take a look through the list, and decide what will make the best value-addition to your life – then spend some money, you deserve it.

Your Sleep

We spend a third of our lives asleep. People who don’t get enough sleep end up dying younger, and they’re at risk of developing dangerous medical conditions like dementia and Parkinson’s.

Therefore, splashing out on your bed-time gear is a great way to spend your money. Instead of going for the cheapest mattress in the showroom, live a little – your spine will thank you. Look at beds that offer a hybrid blend of supportive springs and memory foam. If you’ve never had the pleasure of sleeping on memory foam, then this purchase might revolutionize your sleeping habits.

Along with your new memory foam bed, consider purchasing a memory foam pillow. Traditional pillows flatten out overnight, creating a space between your neck and the surface of the bed. It’s for this reason that you end up waking up in the morning with a stiff neck.

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Memory foam pillows keep your neck aligned during the night time, ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep. Memory foam mattresses and pillows are expensive, but they last you for 10-years or more.

Your Vision

Think about all of your senses. If you had to lose one of them, which one would you choose? Most people rate their vision as their most important sense.

Even then, many people refuse to get themselves a pair of glasses. For those that do, many end up choosing a pair off the rack at the local pharmacy. Why take a risk with your vision to save a few dollars? A trip to the optician for glasses fitment might be expensive, but it’s well worth the money when you consider the value it adds to your life.

Wearing those glasses off the rack from the pharmacy might end up progressing the degradation of your vision. By getting a custom-fitted pair of eyeglasses, you know that you’re getting the right prescription for your eyes.


When you go out clothes shopping, avoid the cheap clothing stores and splurge on some quality clothing. Sure, that suit on the rack might look affordable, but it leaves you looking like you dressed in a cheap suit.

When buying your clothes, focus on cost-per-wear, instead of the sales tag. Good quality clothing can last three or four times longer than cheaper clothing. The quality of the materials and artistry in the clothes means that the material doesn’t fade or go threadbare as fast as more inexpensive clothing.

Gym Membership

Some people hesitate to get a gym membership because they think they would rather see the few thousand rupees in their bank account. However, your health is a vital part of your lifestyle. If you’re overweight, then you’re at a higher risk of developing diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

Keeping your body fit helps you live a better life. You’ll have higher levels of energy, mobility, and strength, and you’ll stop feeling tired all the time.


Research shows that the average American spends around 5-hours watching TV every day. If you enjoy watching a movie with your partner or catching up on your favourite shows at the end of the day, then invest in a new TV.

TV technology is getting more affordable as the price of electronics continues to drop. Pick yourself out a decent size screen (we recommend above 50-inches), and you’ll never have to spend money going to the movies again.

Add a home theatre system to your TV purchase, and you have a cinematic TV experience that can save you thousands of rupees on movie tickets over the years and effort and inconvenience involved in hitting the movie hall. Many people hesitate when making this purchase as they feel like its splurging on something they don’t need.

However, entertainment is vital for helping you relax and unwind. If you enjoy watching TV, then why not treat yourself to something you can enjoy for years?

Mobile Phone

We live in the digital era of communications. Nowadays, if you want to chat with your children who are in the US or grandchildren in Singapore, all you need to do is pick up your phone. In seconds, you’re live on a face-time or a WhatsApp call, and you can see them while talking to them

Therefore, it makes sense to upgrade your phone to a new model that enhances your overall experience. A new model phone also safeguards you against the need to upgrade for the next few years


Your wellness matters, and leaving your body to deteriorate at the hands of your daily routine is senseless. Posture problems and muscle issues can dramatically reduce your quality of life, leading to the development of severe health disorders that cost you your mobility.

Spend money on yourself before anything else. Visits to the chiropractor can remove your back pain and align your hips. A visit to the acupuncturist or massage therapist helps your muscles unwind, removing any tightness or dysfunction in your ligaments and joints. That strategy is far better for your health than popping a pill.

What Matters to You?

Spending money on any of the items on this list is a frugal person’s worst nightmare. However, sometimes you have to learn to let go and enjoy yourself. While we all dream of comfortable retirement, most of us don’t want to spend it in poor physical and mental health.

By spending your money on things that matter in your life, you improve your situation. The knock-on effect of improving your mental and physical health is enormous. However, you might find that it takes you a while to get into the groove of enjoying your money.

By taking baby steps with your spending, you’ll eventually break your frugal habits, allowing you to use your money to enjoy your life, instead of using your life to enjoy your money.

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