Smoothen your WhatsApp experience – some tips to organise conversations better

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Most of us older people spend a lot of time on WhatsApp chats. We have many friends and relatives we converse with regularly. Not to mention our participation a numerous family, social and work groups. It all means a lot of conversations being collected on a daily basis. And one realises quite often that its becomes difficult to keep track of all the conversations How can we organise our conversations better to make our WhatsApp experience smoother. Check the tips put out in the article below. Team RetyrSmart

Smoothen your WhatsApp experience – some tips to organise conversations better

Here are a few ways by which users can organise their conversation on WhatsApp.

Pin a chat

You can start using the Pin chat feature enables WhatsApp users to pin certain people, whose messages are a priority, to the top of the messaging app.

According to WhatsApp, Pin chat feature allows users to select only three specific chats on top of their app list. These pinned chats always stay at the top letting users easily find them.

How to pin a chat?

  • Open your WhatsApp and select the contact that you wish to pin
  • Tap and long hold on the contact name
  • On top of the screen, users will see a Pin icon
  • Tap the Pin icon and the window will be on top of your WhatsApp.

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How to unpin a chat?

  • Open your WhatsApp and tap and hold the pinned chat you wish to unpin
  • Tap the Remove pin icon that will appear on top of the screen
  • The chat window will no longer be pinned and it will also not show on top of your WhatsApp page

Archive WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp has a feature named Archive chat that enables users to hide a conversation from their chat windows and access them later, if and when needed. Users can archive both groups as well as individual chats for organising their conversations. WhatsApp says Archive Chat does not delete the chat or take the backup of the same on the SD card of the users’ device.

How to archive a chat?

  • Open your WhatsApp
  • Go to the chat window and select the message of the contact that you want to archive
  • Tap and hold the contact and you would see Archive option (a downward arrow) on top right just before the three vertical dots
  • Press on it to archive the chat

How to unarchive a chat?

  • Browse down at the extreme end of your WhatsApp screen
  • In the end, users will see Archived and in the bracket the number of chats that have been archived by you is shown
  • Tap on Archived and a window will open that will show the list of chats archived
  • Tap and hold the chat or chats that you wish to unarchive
  • On the top of the WhatsApp screen, tap Unarchive icon (an upward arrow).

WhatsApp conversation shortcuts: There are some contacts or groups on your WhatsApp, which are used by you frequently. WhatsApp provides its users with a feature that can create shortcuts to the most frequent chats on their home-screen.

How to create conversation shortcuts?

  • Tap and hold the WhatsApp chat of an individual or a group you want to have on your shortcuts
  • Click on three vertical dots on the top right corner and click on add chat shortcut. You will get an option of adding the chat to the home screen.
  • The chat of individuals or groups will then start to appear on your home screen and you will no longer have to browse for them.
  • To remove them you can simply tap and hold on the icon and put them in remove or bin.

Starred Messages: The Starred Messages on allow users to bookmark chats they feel are important.

How to Star a message on WhatsApp?

  • Select the message of individual or group that you wish to star by tapping and holding them
  • You would see a star icon on top of the WhatsApp window, select it.
  • To unstar the message, tap and hold the message and select the remove star icon.
  • Removing the star will not remove the message received from individuals or groups.

How to view messages you have starred

  • Open WhatsApp on your smartphone
  • Tap on More options by clicking on three vertical dots on top right
  • Tap on Starred messages and you could see all the messages and the name of the contacts or groups whose messages you have starred.

Mark WhatsApp messages as unread

Sometimes there are messages which the user has read but want to reply later. For such situations, WhatsApp has a feature where one can unread the read messaged and respond later.

How to mark read messages as unread

  • Select the chat or group that you wish to mark as unread
  • After selecting, click on three vertical dots on the top right corner and select the option ‘Mark as unread’
  • A green bold dot will appear on contacts/groups you have marked unread.
  • To mark it as read later you may select the message, click on three dots and select the option ‘Mark as read’.

You may try using the above mentioned features and make your WhatsApp experience more organised and exciting.

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