Smart ways to stretch your money while holidaying abroad

The number of Indians visiting foreign countries has been rising steadily year-on-year. Travelling abroad means taking care of a number of things well that help make for a hassle-free holiday. While travelling managing money in the best possible way is one of the most important tasks. Given the not so favourable exchange rates prevailing in many of the countries Indians visit, this task becomes quite challenging. So, any tips on how we can make our money go further when holidaying abroad would be very useful. Follow the smart tips that the author has put together for you to consider. Team RetyrSmart

Smart ways to stretch your money while holidaying abroad

Here are 5 ways to save money when travelling abroad

Limit credit card usage

A person should limit the credit card, debit card usage as it involves foreign transaction fee which varies from 2 to 3 per cent of the total amount spent. You can look for the transaction cost levied by your bank and can convey them about the upcoming travel plans. Some banks may offer low transaction rates for selected countries. A person can opt for credit/debit card on which there is no transactional fee on the usage in foreign countries. On the domestic credit card used outside the home countries, a fee may be levied by the merchants and ATM kiosks for purchases and cash withdrawals.

Convert currencies at best rates

A person should convert the foreign currency at the best rates available in the market. The options such as airport kiosks, hotels and other regional currency exchange offices are some of the most convenient options to convert the currency but all these options may charge additional fees. A person converting the currency from the aforementioned places may end up with fewer units of currency due to additional charges. Therefore, you should convert the currency well in advance before visiting a foreign country.

Take your gadgets (with adapters and spare batteries)

If you are taking your gadgets such as laptop, camera, and other related electronic devices then you should carry their respective adapters and spare batteries. If possible, you can take multi-port energy converters which are designed to fit universally in all sockets. The hotels are likely to levy high charges for offering the adapters for laptops and other devices. If you are a frequent traveller then you may consider purchasing the multiple power converters which are operational in countries such as Japan, Europe.

Use national currency

You should national currencies where ever it is acceptable as there is no point of converting the currency if your national currency is operational at merchants and hotels. As far as the Indian rupee is concerned, the rupee is accepted in nations such as Nepal, Myanmar and several other nations.

Book hotels which include breakfast

A person should book hotels which are offering complimentary breakfast within the booking fares as consuming food in hotels may cost you less as compared to the meals available in restaurants. You can optimise the services offered by the hotels to minimise the variable expenses for services such as wi-fi, newspaper, gyms, cab services, airport transfers, etc.

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