Sikkim beckons you!! Find out why

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We are sure that Sikkim must have popped up from time to time when you have been making travel plans with family. You look at yes, but then choose more popular destination states like Goa, Kerala or Rajasthan. According to this author, Sikkim is very suitable for nature and peace lovers, adventure enthusiasts, spirituality seeing people and every other wandering soul. Go through the reasons put out for making Sikkim your next destination and maybe we will see you heading there soon. Happy travelling. Team RetyrSmart

Sikkim beckons you!!  Find out why

10 good reasons to make Sikkim your next travel destination

Tea Trails in Sikkim

The North Eastern States in India are known for their tea. There are a lot of villages here that are perfect for tasting and trying tea. Temi in Sikkim is a small village in Sikkim that is the tea growing area in the state. When you are on a vacation in Temi, you should not miss the Temi Tea as its brand is globally famous. Do not miss Temi Tea Gardens at all.

Placed in the lap of nature 

Sikkim is known to be the land of mountains and hence it is simply wonderful to check out the mighty Himalayas. The Mt. Kanchenjunga which is the third-highest in the world is in Sikkim. So, it is clearly the land of mountains. If you have a thing for the mountains more than the beaches then you need to visit this place at least once in your lifetime.

You get to taste the Sikkimese Cuisine: Thuppa

We all know that every state has its own special cuisine and Sikkim has Thuppa. It is also called as Thupa noodles where it is a Tibetian Noodle Soup. It was originally from Tibet but then it became famous in the north-eastern states. You can have it in two ways. You can either just have the plain vegetables with the soup or even add some chicken to the soup. It is widely consumed by the Nepalese people but it is quite famous in Sikkim too.

Sikkim’s famous beverage: Tongba

Tongba is made out of fermented millets and is an alcoholic beverage in Sikkim. It is found in the eastern region of Nepal and as well as Sikkim. It is quite important for local and cultural festivities and thus you should not miss tasting this drink at all!

Sikkim Tourism: Visit the Do Drul chorteng monastery

Sikkim’s capital Gangtok is a small city but it has wonderful places to explore. You can have your favorite bakery foods at Baker’s café and you will not regret it at all. When you are thinking of Tourism you have loads of places to visit like the Do Drul Chorteng Monastery, White Hall where the state’s flower of Sikkim Orchids are displayed around. It also has the Red Panda which the state animal in the Sikkim Zoo. Nathu-La Pass is a famous connection point where you have Tibet, China and India meet.

Jhol momo and Aloo Chura

Momos are quite tasty when you have them at the place where they are mostly made or originated. Sikkim is one of those places where momos are made everywhere in the state. You have to taste Jhol Momo is momos in the soup that is made in Nepal but is quite famous in Sikkim too. Gangtok is also famous for Aloo Chura.

Sikkim Tourism Continued: Other Popular places

Sikkim has many tourist places that you have to visit. If you are thinking Sikkim is dominated by only monasteries then you are thinking wrong. You have many temples like Hanuman Tok, Ganesh Tok, and View Point. You can also visit Main Market which is MG Marg where you can explore the local food joints and cafes. There is a certain Changu river which is famous for yak rides. Apart from this, there is a sweet made from Yak’s milk known as Churpi which is really delicious.

Peace and Serenity

Sikkim is known to have the least population in India and constitutes of small families everywhere. It is also known to be the best place if you want to meditate. Rumtek Monastery is highly visited by tourists. The monastery has a school which teaches traditional Tibetian-Buddhist teachings to anyone who comes there to learn. If you are in for some peace and calm and away from the concrete jungle, then you need to come to Sikkim.

The only place where Gambling is legal!

Not many know this but Sikkim has Mayfair resorts where casinos are there and it is the only state where gambling is legal in the land. Mahjong Casino is also known as the Las Vegas of India. Sikkim is the first state in India that has legalized gambling in a way to attract tourism. It made gambling legal in 2009.

Most Cleanest State

If you are looking for some clean places in your list of places to go on a holiday, add Sikkim. This is because it was awarded the cleanest state in India. It is also the first state in India that has banned plastic and firecrackers successfully. It is also completely organic and environment-friendly. In addition to all this, the state has 11 official languages! Now that would be an interesting point, isn’t it?


Sikkim is a welcoming place and the people there will definitely melt your heart. Their hospitality is amazing and you cannot help but overstay your vacation. You can look forward to some cultural festivals and state festivals like the one it celebrates every year. Sikkim celebrates International Flower Festival every year from March to May. It also attracts youngsters who love to go on some adventure like bike rides, trekking, yak rides, etc.

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