Secret Indian destinations — the enchanting five

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The truth is that there are no “secret destinations,” and only your will to explore will lead you to the best. Travel in India has been tried and tested by numerous travellers, and there are still those who would like to find that one destination that is hidden from the public eye. So just check out these “secret” destinations…maybe we will see you in one of these very soon. Team RetrSmart

Secret Indian destinations — the enchanting five

India is a destination that offers tourists numerous options to travel, and we pretty much know all the major hubs for tourism in the country. However, there are secret places that are hidden away, only to reveal themselves to the curious traveller, who likes to take a chance. The good news for you is that we like to make your travels easy, and so here are the top secret Indian destinations for you to consider.

Bishnupur, West Bengal

To most people, Bengal is mostly about Kolkata, but that will change when you visit the very enchanting Bishnupur. The town is located in the district of Bankura, and is the true reflection of Bengal’s glory. From its architectural marvels to its handicrafts and folk music, this place is a treasured destination in the heart of every Bengali. Bishnupur is also known for its old temples, so do visit and marvel at the carvings on their bodies.

McCluskieganj, Jharkhand

The place was once home to over 400 Anglo-Indian families, and later became the ultimate romantic destination for the Bengali gentry to visit from the nearby West Bengal. Its beautiful surroundings really captivate you; moreover, it still holds to the last bit of tribal culture that is now fading. There is a sense of nostalgia here, for those who lived and died on this land; even as an outsider, you get that warmth that you perhaps had never felt before. The town was the location for Konkona Sen Sharma’s stupendous film, Death in the Gunj.

Latpanchar, Darjeeling

Here, in the Darjeeling district, you will find that nature is at its best, and wherever you go, the greenery is astounding. But very few people know that there are hidden gems such as Latpanchar that take your Darjeeling experience to another level. This stunning hamlet in Darjeeling is known for its captivating views and peace. A great destination for bird watching, and even better to just walk around and get engrossed in nature, Latpanchar is about 44 km from New Jalpaiguri Railway Station.

Mana, Uttarakhand

Often called as ‘India’s last village’, there is really nothing much to do here, except to gloat about being here. But if you are someone who looks deeper within, and goes past the surface, then you might very-well find hidden wonders and absolutely charming vistas. Located in the district of Chamoli, it is the last village on the border with Tibet. River Saraswati flows right beside it, adding to its beauty and allure.

Kakolem Beach, Goa

A gem of a destination, this one will make you feel like you are shipwrecked (but not if too many people read this article, sorry). Located south of Cabo de Rama beach, Kakolem Beach is scenic in nature, and is breathtakingly beautiful. You could come here before sundown to see the spectacular sunset. There are no houses around the beach, and you cannot stay here at night. But well, we can assure you a great time. You could come early with your friends and enjoy a private picnic. …..

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