Practice these small things to free yourself from the lockdown blues

By May 5, 2020 LifeStyle

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It will be several weeks before you actually are able to go out and reclaim your usual life. The lockdown blues are likely to hit many of you. You may be retired already and may not even be busy Working From Home (WFM). In such a situation consider the suggestions compiled by the author in the article below that will help you get through this lockdown more easily than other wise. Team RetyrSmart

Practice these small things to free yourself from the lockdown blues


For people who are staying away from their family, this is the time that you make the most of technology. Giving your parents or siblings a video call to discuss what you will do when you meet them, or going down memory lane with your long-lost friends whom you have not spoken to in ages because of your extremely busy schedule, has become an all-time favourite activity.

If you think getting in touch with family is only for the people who stay alone, you are wrong. Because of the long commuting hours, people who even stay at home, with family, are not really in touch. Now, you have the time to change that. Enjoy meals with your family.

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The one connection that most of us lost because of the hectic life, was with self. This lockdown has slowed the pace and given all of us an opportunity to lie back and look at things from a different perspective. Go back to your old pictures, relive those years and connect with your old self.


Food is the one common thing that brings joy to everyone. It is an instant mood booster. And if you are trying a recipe for the first time, put all your effort into it. And if it turns out to be a success, the joy that a delicious meal made by you brings cannot be compared to anything. After every two or three days, try and make one dish that you like. But make sure you do not use a lot of utensils in the process because, in the end, you will only have to clean up.


We know this would sound absolutely cliched, but it is true. Working out releases endorphins which, as a result, spark joy inside your brain. If you have a friend to work out with, have a session together on video call. That is much better.


With no rules and no set-in-stone routine, there is nothing stopping you. You want to watch Netflix for 16 hours straight, go ahead. You want to follow the most intensive and time-consuming skincare routine, do that. This is the time when you make the rules, because you know what works best for you and how you will be able to adapt to this new normal. Take things one day at a time.


This makes a lot of difference. Even if you are a coffee lover, make your morning coffee elaborate. Try the French press or the Dalgona. Set up a table, find something to read while you slowly sip on your coffee. It can be reading, playing an instrument, deep-cleaning your home, to even painting. Enjoy every step of the process and find out why you fell in love with it in the first place.


Sleep as much as you can. We all have complained enough about not getting enough sleep while going to work every day. But now is your opportunity to hibernate as long as you want, if that is what you feel like doing. Catch up on that beauty sleep.


For a lot of us, quarantine life is becoming difficult. The travel junkie in us wants to go out and explore. But we can’t at this time. If travel is what makes you happy, you can do that while sitting in your room too. Keeping up with the need of the hour, a lot of tourist destinations including the Taj Mahal and Pyramids of Giza have started virtual tours. If virtual tours are also not your jam, then pick up a travel book and see a new city through the eyes of the author.


This lockdown is not a productivity contest. You do not have to build abs or become a professional chef by May 17. It is not your deadline. It is okay to take a break. It is okay to not do anything. Standing at the window and listening to the birds will bring you more happiness than scrolling through social media and feeling the pressure to do something. We are going to repeat – It is okay to take a break.


Planning for the future gives hope and at this time, it is what we need. You don’t have to plan anything big; just think about the one restaurant that you want to go to when things get back to normal. Think about what you will order. This is one tried-and-tested method. Disclaimer – this might make you hungry.

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