Practical ways to avoid isolation and find companionship

By September 30, 2019 LifeStyle

Social isolation can pose a serious threat to the mental and physical health of older adults. Some of you may be forced to consider this reality due to certain family circumstances. The author has suggested a few ideas to break the feeling of isolation. There may at least one or two that you could pursue to find more companionship in your life. Team RetyrSmart

Practical ways to avoid isolation and find companionship

Here are some tips to stay engaged as a senior:

  • Embrace Ride-Sharing

    Transportation can become a point of contention for older adults as some may be unable to safely operate a vehicle. To avoid burdening others, they may opt-out of social activities. With ride-sharing, seniors have easy access to transportation, which helps them maintain a daily routine.


  • Go Back to School

    Many universities and colleges offer lifelong learning classes at a reduced rate for seniors seeking educational opportunities. These classes can be a great way to meet new people and stay sharp mentally.

  • Join Social Media

    About 67 percent of adults ages 65 and older are active online. Regardless of location, social media allows users to interact with like-minded people from the same demographic. In some cases, online friendships are just as strong and beneficial as their offline counterparts.

  • Play in a Sports League

    There are many recreational leagues that cater to older adults. By joining a team, seniors stay more physically active, confident and social. Also, those who engage in extracurricular activities, are more likely to have reduced blood pressure, a lower body mass index (BMI) and better physical function.

  • Reconnect with Family

    The most vital socialization starts at home. Older adults can reinforce their familial presence by finding common ground and sharing valuable knowledge and insight. In general, reconnecting with family has a positive impact on everyone involved.

  • Rejoin the Workforce

    Retirees may find themselves missing the structure of a full-time job. Therefore, many seek out freelance or part-time employment. Perks include increased productivity and access to company wellness programs, which lead to long-term benefits like lower health care costs.

  • Start Traveling:

    Whether in a group or alone, visiting different locations can be fun and exciting. Meeting people and embracing new cultures offers a one-of-a-kind experience and increases the potential to create more relationships.

  • Volunteer:

    Community-based volunteer efforts encourage individuals to step outside their comfort zones and are often a collaboration among people from various ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. It teaches humility, grace and can provide a renewed sense of purpose.

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