Possible mistakes you are making while managing your chronic pain


Its possible that you are suffering from chronic pain. Its something that creeps in as we grow older. Whatever be the reasons, living with chronic pain is quite a nightmare. While you are managing your chronic pain, its possible that you may be making mistakes that are making it worse for you. In the extract of the article below the author is trying to alert you the possible mistakes you could be making. Read on and see if you can benefit from what the author has to share. Team RetyrSmart

Possible mistakes you are making while managing your chronic pain

Below are 8 common mistakes people with chronic pain make.

1. Avoiding All Exercise
Agonizing pain can make you want to avoid exercise altogether, but some exercises can ease your pain.
Exercise eases pain in different ways. For one, strengthening muscles helps reduce pressure on the bones and joints. Exercise also promotes the release of feelgood hormones, which boost mood and ease pain.
Avoid exercises that cause extreme pain. Do non-weight bearing exercises that don’t put pressure on your joints instead.

2. Ignoring Natural Remedies
Medications won’t get rid of all of your pain. Using natural remedies, like massage, acupuncture and hypnosis, can help you cope better with chronic pain. Research shows that natural remedies, such as acupuncture are very effective.

3. Not managing stress

4. Using Medications to Block all of the Pain
The idea that chronic pain medications should eliminate all pain is a fallacy. Such thinking leads to dangerous decisions, such as over medication.

5. Living as if You Don’t Have Chronic Pain
Don’t expect everything to be the way it was before the pain. You may have to give up some of your favorite activities, especially those that put undue stress on your body.

6. Smoking and Drinking

7. Maintaining a poor diet

8. Opting for surgery too soon
You may think that surgery is a permanent solution to chronic pain, but you need to give it a lot of thought. Consult different doctors and explore different treatment options.




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