Mistakes to avoid while protecting yourself from Covid 19

By November 30, 2020 Health & Nutrition, LifeStyle

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Covid 19 or Corona, whatever you call it by has disrupted our lives considerably. Through this pandemic you have been conscious of and have been practicing safe behaviour beyond the mandatory mask wearing and social distancing. But the concern is whether you have been making mistakes with the precautionary measures you have been taking. In the article below the author has tried to highlight a few of the good practices that many are getting wrong. Team RetyrSmart

Mistakes to avoid while protecting yourself from Covid 19

Here are some common mistakes people commit, knowingly or unknowingly, while protecting themselves from the virus.

Assuming that you’re safe at home

Many people assume that if they’re home, they’re safe from the virus. Although, staying home is a way to avoid the virus, there is no guarantee that you’re safe and well protected, especially when you’re living with someone who is infected. Considering the disease spreads easily between people who are indoors, closely associated and in poorly ventilated spaces, there is no assuming that you’re safe from the virus.

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While you can’t go out, you have lots of gatherings at home

During these periods of lockdown, many people socially isolated themselves at homes, which is a good thing. However, while they chose not to go out, they did not hesitate from organizing gatherings at home, which only increases your risk of contracting the virus. While there’s no way you can monitor where your friends and loved ones were before they came in contact with you, you surely cannot assume they’re safe to be with.

Just because everything is relaxed, doesn’t mean it’s safe

One of the most common mistakes people tend to make is to believe that they’re free to go anywhere, just because the lockdown has been relaxed. Coronavirus is a disease that is sure to stay amongst us for a while. Therefore, if your local restaurant or nearby theatres are open, that’s because of the economy and not because it’s safe.

Taking precautions is one thing, but quarantining yourself for 2 weeks after exposure is another

While you may have taken extra care and maintained social distancing while you were out for business or other works, but once you’re back at home, it’s important that you quarantine yourself for at least two weeks. it is not just for you, but also important for the people around you, especially the ones who are most vulnerable to the disease.

Getting tested as soon as you come in contact with an infected person

Surely, you need to get tested once you come in contact with an infected person. But the first thing you must do is quarantine yourself and secure the people around you. However, some people believe in getting tested as soon as they come in contact with an infected person, which is absolutely unnecessary. If you do it right away, you will almost certainly test negative. This might give you the impression that you’re safe, but you might end up endangering other people’s lives.

You assume and believe you friends and family are taking necessary precautions

Some people believe that while they are being cautious and taking extra measures to prevent the contraction or the spread of the virus, their loved ones are also doing the same, which may be true, but there is no guarantee. In assuming so, they sometimes come in contact with an infected person, which in turn becomes extremely dangerous.

Therefore, while you must continue to protect yourself and others from contracting the virus, you must also be alert and avoid committing these unnecessary mistakes.


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