Managing Headaches: Check out these essential oils that could do the trick

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Headaches are an often overlooked ailment. When we grow older headaches may dog us but we tend to ignore them as something that comes with age. While age may have something to do with it, there could be any number of other reasons to get a headache. Our typical reaction would be to have an aspirin or a paracetamol and wait for it to subside. But there may be a case to look at essential oils as a solution. Besides the fragrance it could help you with your headaches without the side effects of medication.  The author in the article below has listed out essential oils that you could consider. Team RetyrSmart

Headaches bothering you? Check out the essential oils that could do the trick

  1. Peppermint

This is probably the most commonly used essential oil for headache relief, and there’s a reason for that: uh, it works, obviously.

Peppermint oil contains menthol, which helps your muscles relax and eases pain. It also has a pleasant cooling effect on your skin that helps inhibit muscle contractions on the head and neck while stimulating blood flow to that area.

Great for soothing: Tension headaches

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  1. Lavender

Another popular option is lavender essential oil. This all-around soothing scent is known for being super relaxing (you may have heard of it being used as a sleep aid).

Research has shown that it’s so calming that, when combined with a massage or some gentle pressure, it can ease stress that could cause the tension in the back and neck muscles that ends up causing a headache.

Great for soothing: Tension headaches and migraines

  1. Rosemary

Research backs up the fact that rosemary essential oil can be a powerful anti-inflammatory that also boasts pain-relieving properties. It is often used to improve circulation and treat headaches.

One study found that rosemary EO could be beneficial for opioid withdrawal symptoms because it can reduce pain and relieve insomnia — things that can also contribute to headaches.

Another study found that rosemary can ease anxiety and depression, two more conditions that can bring on a headache.

Great for soothing: Tension headaches

  1. Chamomile

A cup of chamomile tea is one way to help relax after a long day, so is it any surprise that chamomile essential oil is just as soothing? Research has shown that chamomile EO can help reduce anxiety and depression, which, again, can cause headaches.

This is another one that has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce pain, such as pain from headaches.

Great for soothing: Tension headaches

  1. Eucalyptus

When a headache isn’t brought on by stress or anxiety, and it’s also not a migraine, then it’s probably caused by congestion or annoying sinus issues.

If that’s what you’re dealing with, grab some eucalyptus essential oil ASAP. This stuff has been shown to have the power to open up nasal passages and clear the sinuses, relieving some of the tension that causes that throbbing head pain.

It can even help with tension headaches: research has found that eucalyptus is relaxing and soothing, easing the stress that can cause a headache.

Great for soothing: Sinus/congestion headaches, tension headaches

  1. Geranium

This essential oil is more than just a beautiful addition to natural perfumes. Some research has shown that this flowery EO may help with hormonal and menopausal issues — and headaches can definitely be caused by things like PMS.

Great for soothing: Hormonal, menopausal, or menstruation headaches

  1. Frankincense

Research has shown that frankincense can be effective in relieving the pain caused by cluster headaches because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Cluster headaches tend to start from pain in your muscles, neck, and back, which is why an anti-inflammatory can help reduce that discomfort.

Frankincense can also be relaxing and soothing, calming you down and easing stress, which can prevent a headache from coming on.

Great for soothing: Cluster headaches, tension headaches

  1. Ginger

You’re probably already aware that ginger can be powerful in combating nausea and vomiting. But ginger essential oil is also a powerful anti-inflammatory that may help with all sorts of pain.

A 2018 review of studies showed ginger not only effective as a migraine treatment but it increases the effectiveness of the heart pumping blood, can protect against the bad cholesterol, has an anti-oxidant effect that might have a role in protecting against cancer, and is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

Great for soothing: Migraines

Please note:

  • Only apply them topically (in diluted form) or use them aromatically. Never swallow essential oils.
  • Do your research, read the label, and look for dark glass bottles when shopping for pure essential oil
  • EOs don’t typically come with the side effects that medication might (though everyone can react differently and you should always do a patch test when trying a new one).

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