Making your smartphone’s battery last longer

By April 14, 2019 TechEasy

Smartphones have become such an important part of our lives. Losing its availability even for the shortest of times can be rather inconvenient. One of the occupational hazards of the high use of and need for smartphones is the battery getting drained and restricting your smartphone usage. Here are some tips to follow that will make your smartphone’s battery last longer. Team RetyrSmart

Making your smartphone’s battery last longer

Limiting app usage, reducing screen brightness, or choosing a device with sound battery life-like the OPPO A3s-are some of the things everyone should keep in mind when using a smartphone.

Today, select phones in the market come with huge battery lives, such as the newly launched OPPO A3s with its massive 4320 mAh battery and super sleek and stylish design. (Hindustan Times)

Our lives are mobile in more ways than one. Mobile phones help us stay in touch, get work done, and keep us entertained. But, one little issue that creeps up from time to time is that of our smartphone battery running out-often when we need it the most. Many of us are probably even familiar with charging our phones more than once a day. Today, there are phones in the market that boast of huge battery lives, such as the newly launched OPPO A3s with its massive 4320 mAh battery and super sleek and stylish design. For the rest, here are 5 tips to make your phones last out the day.

1. Dim your display: A lot of us end up using our phones at maximum brightness. While this is required for the bright outdoors, it is not so for when we use our devices indoors. You could either keep making these adjustments yourself, or let your phone do it for you by selecting ‘Adaptive Brightness’ from your system tray. Here’s how the OPPO A3s does it automatically.

Additionally, a dark background is strongly recommended. Recall how Google darkens its homepage every Earth Day? Dark backgrounds draw less power. For best results, keep it totally black.

2. Kill…those apps: It’s a no-brainer that the more apps you have running in the background, the more memory your phone needs to keep them running. This needs your battery. So tapping that context menu button and pushing on that ‘X’ (if you have an OPPO A3s) is very healthy for your phone. Even healthier would be to update those apps whenever they are available, because developers are always working on the efficiency of their products, which they release as updates.

3. Train your tray: Your pull-down system tray is a handy feature, which lets your turn on and off various functions of your phone. So, till you need to connect to a Bluetooth device, or have to use your location services, keep those buttons off’. Among those buttons is the Portrait Lock, which prevents your display from turning to a landscape orientation every time you rotate your phone. Annoying when that happens, right? That’s the one you need to turn on.

4. Trust your buttons: Many people like to hear the familiar notes of a dial pad and feel reassured by the gentle buzz of the haptic feedback for every press of a button. But, these also draw a lot of power every time they work because they’re using the speakers as well as tiny motors inside the phone. Your buttons will respond to your touch just fine every time you tap them. Trust them. Turn off ‘Vibrate on Touch’ and ‘Dialpad tone’. After all, every great relationship is built on trust.

5. Let your screen relax: One of the most battery-intensive things you can make your phone do is wake the screen up every time there is a message or app notification, like this:

Switch off this setting because your phone’s vibration, a LED notification (in some phones), or just your compulsive habit to keep checking your device will inform you about any updates.

So, gift your phone a longer life by following these simple rules… …

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