In Retirement, you start losing some of the support you took for granted when you were working full time. One of the areas that you will continue to deal with is that of legal issues and as usual it is not an area that most of us are too comfortable with. But legal issues are as inevitable as life itself.

Whether it’s issuing a power of attorney in your children’s name to take care of your property or perhaps a medical power of attorney. Or it could be generating a lease agreement for renting out your property. And of course, writing your last Will and testament bequeathing your assets as per your wishes.

We at RetyrSmart are aware of the challenges you face in dealing with legal issues. While complicated legal matters involving filing cases, court appearances and so on are beyond the purview of this site, we feel that there are areas relating to more routine matters and documentation related issues that we can help our RetyrSmart community with.

To start with we are happy to offer support in drafting out your will. Please click on the button below and find out how you could take advantage of this service.

Will Drafting Support

We are also providing some draft templates of certain common agreement, declarations and such like documents. These drafts can be worked on and customized for your specific requirements and for the parties involved. It also provides you a general idea of what such documentation involves

To access the list of template please click below

Templates of Legal Documents

Of course, in due course we will be adding more services for our RetyrSmart community

We are also happy to share interesting content for your reading and understanding of legal issues. As we come across useful content we will be adding them below for easy access and convenience.

Legal Issues Content

All the Best

Team RetyrSmart