Introduce some of our ancient practices back into your daily routine

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Maybe it’s time to revive our traditions and customs within our respective families. Traditions and customs that were part of the Indian culture from time immemorial till modernisation with its focus on comfort and technology took it away from us. These were the practices that kept them happy before modernisation changed it. Check out the wisdom our ancient customs carried across a list of such practices put together by the author in the article below. Team RetyrSmart

Introduce some of our ancient practices back into your daily routine

Keep your homes a footwear free zone not cool to be sleeping or working on the bed with shoes on, as the television might portray. The easiest way to carry dirt, viruses, bacteria and germs into homes is via footwear. You could have a shoe rack placed outside your home and a spare pair of slippers to wear at home, but make sure you keep the muck outside. It not very difficult for a harmful bacteria or germ to reach your intestine from the footwear you bring into your living space and create a havoc. Imagine all the dirt we walk over with our shoes on – spit, garbage, poop and what not

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Bless your food and eating with your hands is an act of gratitude and has nothing to do with religion. Blessing the food and offering a gratitude prayer before and after a meal helps change the energy of food. Food is energy. It is life-giving. Start your meal by blessing it to be – nourishing, healing, recharging, healthy and once done, give thanks and be grateful for the food that you just ate. About eating with hands, this practice allows us to connected through all our 5 senses, and not just the sense of taste. This makes the entire experience of eating more wholesome, satisfying and pleasurable, thereby benefitting our health, weight and digestion

Sit down and eat your meal and drink your water down and feel relaxed when you start to eat your meal. Standing and a state of stress can affect your digestion, absorption and assimilation negatively. Standing redirects the blood flow towards your extremities instead of your digestive system. Take it a step further and at least eat one meal sitting on the floor. Sitting on the floor grounds you, brings in a feeling of safety, gently massages your pancreas and stimulates the digestive system and insulin release. If sitting on the floor is uncomfortable for you, eat your meal on your dining table by either sitting crossed legged on a chair or as usual, and try getting into a vajrasana position, right after a meal to enable better digestion for 5 mins.

No distractions while eating is a sacred act and our bodies cannot digest a meal when our mind is distracted. No television, mobile phones and disturbing conversations while eating a meal and parents need to follow this and lead as an example for their kids. It’s not impossible to dedicate 15-20 mins to only your meal, which is going to nourish you, keep your health and possibly prevent the onset of diseases.

Early dinners Body doesn’t care about your late-night party or a late working hour at office. It is pretty much going to work the way nature has designed it to work. Late night meals are a burden for our bodies to digest and assimilate nutrients. Our pancreas is not designed to secrete digestive enzymes late in the night and this fact can be understood by noticing how we wake up feeling after a late dinner – puffy, bloated, heavy and acidic, because the body was unable to finish the process of digestion. Doesn’t mean giving up your social life, but try aligning and respecting your body and its needs first. Go back to your traditions. Late meals were never encouraged in any civilisation.

Sunlight is medicine Many of us actually expose ourselves to natural sunlight out of our own will? · Every single cell of our body requires sunlight. Colder countries where sunlight is next to nil manage it naturally as they are on high fat diet and the body absorbs even the little vitamin D they are exposed to. However, here fat has got a bad reputation because we think that fat makes us fat. So, we end up being deficient in fat as well as Vitamin D – which ultimately may give rise to bone problems, falling hair, unbalanced hormones, falling hair and dull skin. Go out and soak up some sun – both you and kids. Even a 15 min exposure is a great habit.

Clean up yourself first How your parents and grandparents were so particular about you bathing and freshening up first dinner once back home from work? Turns out there was a lot of wisdom behind that. We tend to carry a lot of germs and dirt throughout the day and not cleaning ourselves up before a meal will only create an unhygienic environment.

Cooking in earthenware Raw and rustic earthenware has so many health benefits. It makes the food alkaline, retains all nutrients, distributes heats evenly. This may mean that you have to stop using fancy and coated ceramic wares and non-stick utensils, but isn’t ancient India lived on this tradition?

Inputs by Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach- Integrative Medicine

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