Interview your grandparents requests PM Modi of our young children

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There is so much young children can learn from their grandparents. There are so many experiences that grandparents can share with their grandchildren. In today’s online focussed world, children are increasing isolating themselves from such conversations, hidden behind their multiples screens. It is indeed very perceptive of PM Modi to request children to interview their grandparents.  Those among our readers are grandparents would truly appreciate what he is asking of the children. Hope this inspires children to more meaningful and useful interactions with their grandparents. Team RetyrSmart

Interview your grandparents requests PM Modi of our young children

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday made a special request to children, asking them to interview their grandparents and elders in their house to utilise leisure time during the Covid-19 lockdown.

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“And, my little friends, to the children of every household, and my young friends, today, I am making a special request. Children, will you accept my request? See, I appeal that you must do one thing that I am saying – whenever you have a little time on your hands, ask your parents to use the mobile and record the interview of your ‘Dada-Dadi’, ‘Nana-Nani’ or whosoever elder in the house!” Prime Minister Modi said during the 66th episode of his monthly-radio programme Mann Ki Baat.

“You would have seen journalists conducting interviews on TV, you also do a similar kind of interview and record it on the mobile,” he said while giving the kids suggestions on what will be the questions they would be asking them their elders or grandparents.

The Prime Minister asked the children to ask their elders about their lifestyle when they will their age, what sports they played, sometimes if they went to the theatre or went to the cinema.

“Sometimes if they had gone to their maternal uncle’s house during the holidays? Or visit a field or a barn? How they celebrated the festivals? There are many topics upon which you can ask questions. They too will like reminiscing about life 40 to 50 years or say 60 years ago and it will give them a lot of joy! And for you too it would be great fun to learn about India 40-50 years ago, how the area was where you presently live? How were the nearby precincts and what the ways and customs of the people then were? You will get to learn and know about these things quite easily. You will find for yourself that it will be fun and it can become a good video album, a very invaluable treasure for the family!” the Prime Minister said.

Stressing that an autobiography or biography is a very useful tool to get closer to the veracity of history, the Prime Minister said that it is an excellent opportunity that the elders will get to narrate about their childhood and about their period to the children of their home.


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