How to check and set your basic Facebook privacy settings.

By April 14, 2019 TechEasy

Data leaks! Privacy! Personal information! These words and thoughts keep coming up very frequently these days. Facebook which has been in the eye of the storm in recent days is one of the most popular social media which many of us are frequent users of. The article below tells you how to check set your privacy settings on Facebook. Team RetyrSmart

How to check and set your basic Facebook privacy settings.

Worried about your information on social media? Facebook, in the news for a recent data mining scandal, has made it a little easier to check your basic privacy settings with its privacy checkup tool, a helpful service for those that are worried they may be sharing too much information publicly online.

To access Facebook’s privacy checkup tool on a PC, click the question mark icon on the top right of your Facebook page and then select the “Privacy Checkup” option, which is accompanied by a picture of a padlock. On Android mobile and Apple IOS devices, the privacy checkup tool can be accessed under the “Settings & Privacy” section of the general settings, by tapping the icon with three horizontal lines – on the top right of the Facebook home screen for Android and bottom right on Apple devices.

Once in the privacy checkup tool, the social networking program takes you through three steps. The first chooses the default setting of who can see your posts, with options for making posts ‚Äúpublic,” available only to friends or select groups of friends, or visible only to the account holder. Note that public posts on Facebook can be read by anyone on the internet, while setting them to friends somewhat limits public access to posts on the social network.

Facebook’s “Privacy Checkup” tool allows users to get a grip on basic privacy settings.

The second step involves setting the privacy options on apps, third-party programs which use your Facebook account for login information or other software programs built into Facebook, like games and quizzes. (If you’re like me, you’ll spend a little bit of time on this step, as the number of programs can add up over the years.) Users who don’t want apps posting their high-scores or quizzes on their or their friends pages can limit how the apps interact with their pages.

Finally, the third step of the privacy check deals with information on your Facebook profile, information like your email address, birthday and work history. Users who don’t want this information displayed publicly on their accounts can make them inaccessible to visitors of their page and the general public.

Using the privacy checkup tool is a good start towards managing your public information on Facebook. But wait, there’s more – additional privacy settings are available in Facebook’s general settings menu, including more options for your activity and post settings and how people can find and contact you…

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