Homeopathy: Your health partner for the second innings of your life

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Homeopathy: Your health partner for the second innings of your life
Dr Mukesh Batra, Founder & Chairman Emeritus, Dr Batra’s HEALTH CARE

All over the world life expectancy has increased, leading to a sharp rise in the number of elderly people. India has around 100 million elderly at present and the number is expected to increase to 323 million, constituting 20 per cent of the total population, by 2050.

Ageing demographics is certainly one of the important trends driving healthcare in India, as aging can make us vulnerable to ‘wear and tear’, diminished liver & kidney function and many illnesses. It is therefore important to eat well, drink sufficient fluids and take the necessary vitamins and supplements to maintain good health. Embracing homeopathy can be of immense help to the elderly, as homeopathy fulfils all the parameters required for being an ideal system of medicine for geriatric care.

Illnesses associated with old age include memory problems like impaired memory, poor concentration and difficulty holding on to a train of thoughts, leading to Alzheimer’s and dementia, rheumatic problems, incontinence, constipation, hypertension, backache and body ache, sleep disorders and other lifestyle disorders including diabetes, blood pressure and weight issues. In women, menopause can cause a lot of physical and emotional troubles.

Many of these conditions can be treated substantially with good homeopathic care. Studies have been conducted worldwide to prove efficacy of homeopathy in treating many of these ailments.

According to a study performed at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, homeopathy was reported to exhibit positive results in the treatment of both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Osteoarthritis is more frequently seen in females after the age of 55 years. Homeopathy can help patients with osteoarthritis by decreasing the intensity of pain and stiffness as well as improving mobility of the joints. In patients with RA, it relieves pain and stiffness associated with the disease and also strengthens immunity. In a study conducted, 54 patients of RA were treated with homeopathy and 41 patients were treated with high dose of salicylate (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug). The study concluded that patients who received homeopathy did better than those who received salicylate. In addition, patients who received homeopathic treatment did not experience toxic effects.

Diabetes is becoming a leading health concern across the globe. There are more than 194 million people (adult population) living with diabetes worldwide. The prevalence of diabetes in India, now dubbed as the ‘diabetes capital of the world’, is around 61 million — this number is expected to reach 100 million by the year 2030.

Homeopathy emphasises on the holistic management of diabetes. Its aim is primarily focused on maintaining ‘normal’ levels of insulin, or keeping conventional anti-diabetic drugs at the minimum possible dosage, and in preventing the progression or complications of the disease. Homeopathy works wonderful in combination with allopathic treatment. A combination therapy of homeopathic and allopathic medication showed 50% extra improvement in the control of diabetes. In a study conducted in Athens, a group of patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 was treated with a conventional oral anti-diabetic drug and placebo (Group 1). Another group was given the same oral anti-diabetic drug and homeopathy (Group 2). The duration was nine months of parallel treatment. Group 1 showed 47% improvement, while Group 2, on conventional medication and homeopathy, showed a significant 97% improvement.

Homeopathy has proven efficacy in treating backache. When patients take homeopathic medicine for backache, over a period of time, they will notice reduced stress and strain over muscles, reduced soreness, stiffness & pain, enhanced mineral absorption, enhanced bone repair and minimized recurrence. According to a clinical study conducted at the Orthopaedic University, Switzerland, patients who received homeopathic treatment along with physiotherapy showed swift improvement as compared to those who received physiotherapy alone.

While treating urinary incontinence, homeopathy is known to treat the root cause of it without any side-effects. It also takes care of the psychological damages caused by this condition. Homeopathy also effectively treats constipation. Patients taking homeopathic treatment for constipation, notice improvement in the frequency of passing stools with little or no strain.

Homeopathy helps relieve a lot of troubles associated with menopause. In a study conducted in around eight countries, over 438 women suffering from menopause, with an average age of 55, were prescribed homeopathic medicines. The results of this study revealed a significant reduction in the frequency of hot flushes, one of the major symptoms of menopause. Nearly 90 per cent women reported the disappearance or lessening of their menopause symptoms, with changes mostly taking place within 15 days of starting the homeopathic treatment.

For those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, homeopathic remedies can help in slowing down further progression of the disease. Homeopathy is not only effective but also offers safe treatments because homeopathic remedies are made from natural, non-toxic substances and therefore cause no side-effects. In Alzheimer’s, homeopathy can be a supportive system in conjunction with other medication. Although homeopathic medicines cannot reverse the disease and the brain damage that has already occurred, they can surely help in preventing further deterioration and brain cell damage.

So make homeopathy your health partner and live your life post retirement free of pain and emotional trauma caused by medical disorders. Homeopathic remedies being non-toxic have no adverse side-effects and are therefore ideally suited for treating the elderly with gentle care.

Dr Mukesh Batra
Founder & Chairman Emeritus

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