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The RetyrSmart

I have been suffering from some recurring skin problems. Is Homeopathy a good solution for this? Any suggestions of a good Homeopathic Doctor? I live in Andheri, Mumbai.

I totally disagree with RPSINGH. Homeopathy is very effective for treating skin conditions. If you are will to travel to Powai there is a very good Homeo doc – Dr JJ Sardesai. His clinic is near IIT and the no is 022 28417653. All the Best

While I have used homeopathy for a number of ailments, I find that when it comes to skin ailments, it is not very effective. Better to go to a skin specialist.
RP Singh

Yes it is a wonderful option for treatment. Dr Tambe in Cuffe Parade (Maker Arcade) is very good. Unfortunately I do not know any doctors in Andheri, or anywhere that side.

I am 65 years old. My wife & I live in the same city as my Son, but in different houses/localities. I have a grandson who is about 9 years old. We try to meet up with my son & family quite regularly. But we find that our grandson does not want to spend time with us when we meet. As grandparents we want to enjoy a close relationship with our grandson. Any suggestions?

You should find out his special treats which his parents have banned for whatever reason. Try bringing in such “contraband” treats for him. He will love you for that. Of course, your son and daughter in law may not approve

You can offer to ‘baby sit” your grandson when son and daughter in law go out. That way you could get to spend long hours with him alone. Interactions , even if forced, during such sessions could lead to better rapport over time

Have you tried taking him out to places he may like to go to – MacDonald’s, gaming places, ice cream parlours etc. You may be able to get some quality time with him on such outings