Happy travelling to offbeat Indian destinations

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India is a huge country with varying geographic landscapes, differing cultures, multiple cuisines, a smorgasbord of history. For overseas and domestic travellers and tourists there is an increasing interest in exploring new and less travelled to destinations. Everyone wants to experience more unique places than ever before. The author has put together a short list of relatively off beat locations which you can explore. Happy travelling. Team RetyrSmart

Happy travelling to offbeat Indian destinations

Explore less explored destinations in India

Chettinad (Tamil Nadu): A two-hour drive from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, Chettinad is known for its palatial mansions that have been converted into prime heritage hotels. Staying at one of these mansions, that boast up to 120 rooms, will fulfill your desire to live like royalty. It is also the perfect destination of antique lovers who can get their hands on collectibles including furniture, granite and wood pillars, and humungous keys – all sourced from abandoned mansions. Gastronomes will also appreciate the opportunity to treat themselves to the authentic and scrumptious Chettinad chicken!

Bharatpur (Rajasthan): At the Keoladeo Ghana National Park, Bharatpur, you can behold some majestic migratory birds from Afghanistan, Siberia and Central Asia, including the rare Siberian Crane. The best birding destination in the country, the national park is a UNESCO site that was created over 250 years ago. While in the vicinity, you will also find the Lohagarh Fort and the Bharatpur Palace, entrenched in the rich heritage of Mughal and Rajput empires.

Ziro Valley (Arunachal Pradesh): The Ziro valley with its endless views of paddy fields and forests ensconced by mountains is idyllic. This coupled with fascinating local food and culture makes it the perfect place for a music festival that the valley hosts every year towards the end of September. The line-up includes artists from the North East, as well as other Indian and international acts across genres.

Two stages, great food, excellent Apong (locally brewed rice beer) and most importantly an absolutely wonderful vibe – ZFM is the perfect stop for those looking for a chilled out few days of fun and music as well as an opportunity to dip their toes into the enigmatic Arunachal Pradesh. Don’t Miss: The Ziro valley is home to the Apatani tribe, so while you’re here, be sure you explore the surrounding villages to experience local life and culture.

Jambughoda (Gujarat): Located around 70 km from the city of Baroda, Jambughoda is perfect for those looking for a respite from their bustling city lives. The destination is also a designated wildlife sanctuary where one can site hyenas, leopards and numerous birds.  A testament to our country’s secular identity, Jambughoda is home to several palaces, mosques, tombs, and temples which display an amalgamation of Hindu and Islamic architectural styles.

Kannur (Kerala): A quaint town nestled in Kerala’s Malabar Coast, Kannur makes for an enchanting seaside retreat. There is no dearth of secluded beaches in Kannur where visitors can spend their days relaxing by the sea. A place with rich historical heritage, Kannur is also known for the Arakkal Museum which displays the history of Kerala’s only Muslim dynasty. Its abundant natural beauty and cultural traditions make it a preferred destination for many explorers.

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