Happiness is in your control. Don’t let your genes bother you

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Some studies have suggested that our happiness lies in our genes. Those whose genes have less happiness don’t need to despair, because only part of your happiness level is based on your genes. There is a lot you can do to take control of your happiness. In the piece below the author lists out some ways to chart your happiness journey. Team RetyrSmart

Happiness is in your control. Don’t let your genes bother you

Here are eight super simple ways to boost your happiness

Give yourself quiet time

Most of us are faced with decisions from the moment we wake up (eggs or cereal?) until we go to sleep (book or Netflix?). Of course, having options is great, but sometimes it’s just too much. Decision fatigue can really mess with our moods. The antidote to the stress of decision making the antidote to robotic living is to place self-care higher on your priority list.

Give yourself time and space each day, a distraction-free time when you don’t have to make decisions.

Revisit your childhood passions

When you were growing up, there were probably activities that you truly loved to do, things that really made you happy. But many of us don’t make time for hobbies or past times any more. Try to remember your childhood favourites were — perhaps playing games, reading for pleasure, drawing or exploring — and try doing it as an adult.

The Harvard study found that happier older people returned to their roots when it came to happiness.

Get nostalgic

Nostalgia has a bad rap as something that makes us sad or long for the past. But feeling nostalgic can actually make us happier.

Check in with yourself

If you’re a people pleaser and/or a mom, you’re probably used to putting other people’s needs and feelings before your own. Before this becomes too much of a habit, remember to check in with yourself. “We need to ask basic questions like, ‘How am I feeling at this moment?’ or if you’re an advanced emotional temperature taker, ‘What do I really want to do about that business decision I need to make?’” Regular check-ins will prevent you from neglecting your own feelings, wants and needs.

Get moving

If you’re stressed, you’re probably also exhausted and may not be up for exercising, but according to the Mayo Clinic, if you get moving, it could make you happier. It’s no secret that exercise releases endorphins — those are the feel-good neurotransmitters that cause a “runner’s high. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you did something good for your mind and body. That’s a double win for happiness.

Create & maintain relationships

Connections with other people are important. The problem is that when you’re working, running a household and taking care of your family, it can be hard to keep up with friendships. But, according to the Harvard study, it’s pretty important. Personal connection creates mental and emotional stimulation, which are automatic mood boosters, while isolation is a mood buster. That’s reason enough to pick up the phone and make plans with friends, or to make some new connections.

Try meditation

Meditation isn’t for everyone, but if you haven’t given it a try, we highly recommend you do. Meditation can help you relax, focus and tune into your innermost feelings, moment-to-moment.

Set up regular family talks

As easy as it may be to come home, scroll Instagram for a while, then go to bed, taking the time to communicate with your partner and your family can actually make you much happier.

Everyone’s definitely busy, but having regular family dinners or family meetings, where you all share what’s going on in your lives and show support for each other can go a long way in the happiness realm.

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