Gorgeous December destinations in India to end the year well

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With a few days to go in December think about the places you could visit during this lovely time of the year. Great for travel surely. Some interesting destinations are laid out in the following articles. Happy travels. Team RetyrSmart

Gorgeous December destinations in India to end the year well

If you are keen to end the year on a high note, there can be no better idea than going for a trip in December. Leaving behind all the worries, breaking the monotony for a change, and rejuvenating your mind and soul will prepare you to greet the new year with high hopes. And with favourable weather all around the country, this is also the best month to plan a vacation.

While the sun lulls in South Indian beaches, snow capped Himalayas in the North makes for an amazing view. Then the gentle weather around Central India and desert kingdom i.e., Rajasthan, in fact opens up a lot of options in terms of places to visit in December in India

So, let us welcome December with a list of places where you can visit. Check out our list and plan ahead when there is still time.


Well, Goa might be the top contender for this spot; we choose it for a different reason. The sun and beach is in great sync during this month, allowing you to enjoy your time in sun, sand, and sea at ease. Not just this, if you plan your trip in advance, you can adjust your trip dates in such a manner that you can be a part of the Sunburn Festival 2018 too. The festival is generally celebrated at the end of every December, where one gets to enjoy an amazing mix of Indian and International DJs. So, if you literally want to end the year on a high, Goa is the place you should be.


The aura of Jaisalmer needs to be experienced during winters, and December is the best month to be there. The majestic forts and the sprawling golden desert create the perfect ambience for a relaxing vacation. Such a place might not seem to be welcoming during summers due to scorching heat and sand waves, the weather during winters turn more tolerant and favourable. This winter month also offers you the option for camping, and enjoy night safari as well. In other words, this desert kingdom turns lively and a perfect option for a December trip.


If you have been waiting for winters eagerly to see that snowfall, this destination is for you. Located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, Auli is a popular ski destination in the country. Every year, hundreds of tourists visit this place to indulge in winter sports that are held here. If not for a hectic holiday, you can even opt for a laidback one by taking a stroll around the hill station, play with snowballs, and simply take in the beauty of the surroundings.

Great Rann of Kutch

With the Rann Utsav already going on in full swing, what is stopping you from planning a trip to Great Rann of Kutch? This extravagant festival brings together culture, music, art, and many more attractions in one platform, and celebrates it with great zeal. You will also be able to meet local artisans, musicians, folk dancers, weavers, and get a taste of authentic Gujarati cuisines all in one place. Not just because of the said fair, the region is also one of the popular tourist destinations in Gujarat and has a lot more attractions to offer.


If spending a relaxed vacation, away from the crowd, is your choice, book tickets for Alappuzha. The serene backwaters and the vivacious charm of Kerala welcome one and all during this season to offer the finest holiday experience. For a change, ditch the hotel and opt to stay in the houseboats; experience how serene ambience can be relaxing to your mind and body. …………

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