Find ways to feel younger in retirement

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How can you feel younger in your retirement years? We are sure this question has been on your mind. With lifespan increasing significantly the period of retirement is naturally longer. Feeling younger during retirement will help you enjoy that period more than otherwise. The author, in the article below, has put together a few ideas that could help with your feeling younger as you through your years of retirement. Team RetyrSmart

5 Ways to Feel Younger in Retirement

1. Get creative and stimulate your mind. Author and entrepreneur Seth Godin defines creativity as the generous act of solving an interesting problem on behalf of someone else. I love that.

I’ve found website design and writing to be creative, challenging and rewarding. At the end of the day, I can see a product I have built, with new additions every time I write a article.

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2. Engage with people of all ages. Many people seek out volunteer work, often for the social benefits. You might try to combine social engagement with keeping updated on technology and social media. You don’t have to become as proficient as some younger people, but you can avoid the feeling of being out of step with the modern world.

Part of my work with A Warm Heart has been learning how to promote it through social media. Learning about Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram has been interesting and stimulating. It is easy and free to get started. Pick any platform to begin and join the conversations with the millions of people, of all ages, who use social media today.

3. Stand up for what you believe in. This can be done in a variety of ways. You can write about your views on specific issues, with a blog, articles or social media posts, support others’ views or join groups that are doing the kind of work you value. While doing this, you may learn more about what you stand for. For me, becoming more open and informed about today’s complex issues helps me feel younger and a part of what is going on in the world.

4. Commit to making a difference in others’ lives. Your commitment doesn’t have to involve money, but even a little bit can open new worlds for you. Many worthy organizations would love your support. When you become a monthly donor, with even a small donation, you will receive access to information about the organization you want to support and become part of its team and mission.

Sharing your growing interests with friends will encourage them to share with you what they might have learned. This can easily be done personally or by sharing through email and social media. You can easily tap into the energies and passion of younger people by watching a few YouTube videos on your favorite subjects or charities.

5. Learn from your younger self. When you were younger, you likely had many interests and dreams. You might have even thought of these activities as a basis for work or career. Now, at retirement age, you can free yourself from this constraint and follow your dreams because they excite you, not worrying about whether they’ll help pay the bills.

In today’s world, skill development has become much easier with many free resources on the internet.

All in all, I think the secret sauce to feeling younger in retirement involves activities and ideas that bring you energy and excitement. Start by taking a few steps, even if it winds up being down the wrong road. Find someone to help you do it. Or offer to assist someone who is doing something you think is worthwhile.

In these modern times, your retirement years can span several decades. And feeling younger can help you make the most of them.

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To find Retirement friendly inputs in your Inbox
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