Enjoy your Social Media experience without the embarrassment of asking your grandkids for help

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With increased time being spent online and more specifically on social media its important to know the social media slang or short forms or abbreviations that are commonly in use. It about understanding the social media messaging better without being in any state of confusion. Here’s a glossary of such terms that the author has put together to make yoir social media experience more enjoyable. Team RetyrSmart

Enjoy your Social Media experience without the embarrassment of asking your grandkids for help


That Feel/Feeling When

If you see someone posting a funny image of a cat lounging with sunglasses and some funny text like “TFW you’re off of work for a long weekend,” know that it’s translating to “that feel/feeling when.” It’s most commonly used in association with visual images that represent how someone is feeling.


No Big Deal

You’ve definitely seen this one all over the Internet and via text, but what does it even mean? Quite literally, “no big deal.” It’s one of the most commonly used text abbreviations and fits just about everywhere. Next time someone says they can’t make it to your party, just text back “NBD”—even if you’re silently fuming.


Fear Of Missing Out

FOMO is the granddaddy of text abbreviations because it’s been around for years and means “fear of missing out.” Use it when your best friend uploads a picture of herself on the greatest beach vacation of all time by just commenting, “Gorgeous, #FOMO!”


In Case You Missed It

This one might’ve confused you on Facebook or Instagram, but it’s a pretty useful abbreviation to have handy as it just means “in case you missed it.” It’s great for uploading photos after the fact, like a photo from a relative’s wedding that you forgot to post the day of or a family photo from years ago. Try uploading a recent photo of a life event with the hashtag “#ICYMI.”


For What Its Worth

Consider FWIW one of the politest text abbreviations out there, because it’s a great opener, translating to “for what it’s worth.” It’s a kinder way of preamble to a strong opinion, and can be used in situations like “FWIW, I never liked your cousin anyway.”


To Be Honest

This is the twin sister of FWIW, yet another way to politely excuse a strong or possibly offensive opinion because it means “to be honest.” Try using it when your mom posts a Facebook status update asking who wants to eat gobi parantha at home tonight. “TBH, Mom, gobi parantha is not my fave.”


I Don’t Know

IDK is your theme slang, because it literally means “I don’t know,” which is exactly how you felt about all these text abbreviations before reading this article. Next time you get a text from your friend asking if you can make a run to the painting exhibition, reply with “IDK, I have to check my schedule.”


Shaking My Head

SMH = shaking my head, which is what we’re all doing at least half the time we scroll through our Facebook newsfeeds and see crazy political rants from long-lost relatives. You’re a kind soul, though, so you won’t use it outwardly on these posts, but you can definitely comment “You’re not supposed to put that much baking powder in the bowl—SMH” next time you see your cousin upload a muffin-baking video that ruins Grandma’s recipe.


Too Long Didn’t Read

This one is relatively new in the text abbreviations world, but it’s popping up all over the place on lengthy social media posts. It means “too long, didn’t read,” and is commonly found on long-winded, rambling opinion pieces. Next time your school friend uploads a six-paragraph status about the condition of her arthiritis, try commenting “TLDR, but I hope you feel better soon!”


If I Recall Correctly

IIRC = “if I recall correctly,” and is the social media equivalent of you bringing receipts. It’s a little argumentative, but useful when you need to say things like, “IIRC, you promised me so much more. Here’s a screenshot to prove it.”


In Real Life

This is a great one, because it’s often a relationship builder. It means “in real life,” and is great for saying things like “Would love to see you soon IRL!”


Let me Know

You need this one because it translates to “let me know,” and is super useful when you are asking about something like “LMK how the interview went”


On My Way

If you’re still blow drying your hair but were supposed to be at dinner ten minutes ago, try texting your sister in law something like “OMW, see you soon.” OMW means “on my way,” and is most commonly used when you’re not even really on your way



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