Enjoy winter travel to these pocket friendly destinations

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Winters are around the corner. Probably the best time to travel in India. The hot days are a distant memory and the air is bracing and travel less tiring. Summer or Winter, we are all looking for destinations that do not tear a hole in our pockets. The author in the piece below has selected a few destinations that make sense in the coming colder season and are quite pocket friendly. Happy travelling. Team RetyrSmart

Enjoy winter travel to these pocket friendly destinations

Kodaikanal: Find solace in so less!

Known for its scenic natural attractions, bike rides, and eucalyptus oil, Kodaikanal has much to offer. Ranging from home stays for a mere rs 500 rent to luxurious hotels in a budgeted cost of rs 5,000, Kodaikanal has a variety of cosy accommodations to offer. There are many restaurants offering local delicacies to international cuisines. The best part is you can enjoy all this without being worried about going bankrupt.

Goa: Beach and Breezer is the cheapest leisure 

A rs 750 worth sleeper train ticket booked well ahead of schedule and you’re all set for Goa. Rent cycles and ride economically to gorgeous churches and numerous beaches, come back home with toned calves and a non-empty pocket. Enjoy the sunset on a shack by the beach for free while relishing the delicious seafood in the most affordable prices. From a reunion to a romantic trip, Goa can be a suitable place for all kinds of getaways.

Allepey: Houseboats, forests and everything nice at an extremely low price

Find yourself while losing your way in the backwaters of Allepey in houseboats in pocket-friendly prices. Go a bundle on Dutch architecture while climbing the spiral stairs of the 30’ high Alappuzha lighthouse in rs 20. The accommodation options in and around Allepey are cost-efficient. Due to its affordability, Allepey ranks high on our list of budget-friendly holidays.

Kasol: Don’t need a visa to enjoy the mini Israel of India

If danger is your middle name too, the treks at the white mountains of Kasol are the place to be. They can give you the breath-taking thrill you need at an absolutely nominal price. Nothing better than warm gulab jamuns in the freezing temperatures of Kasol for a mere ₹ 50. Travelling to Kasol is also very feasible and pocket-friendly.

Ooty: Forget about your bills while trekking through the Nilgiri hills

Ooty is a place known for its varied flora and fauna. Learn about 20,000 varieties of roses and 2,800 cultivars and more about flora and fauna in the beautiful botanic gardens of Ooty for free. Spot herds of endangered Indian elephants, vulnerable Gaur, Bengal tigers, leopards and other threatened species at the Mudumalai national park and wildlife sanctuary. With a trip to Ooty, you can get one with nature at an affordable price.

Meghalaya: The abode of clouds, get lost amidst them at a low cost

Much cooler than tropical India, this destination is a heaven on earth. Find peace in the wilderness of the lowlands with minimal prices. About 70% of the state is covered with forests, hence hold it as a privilege to be a part of the fragile ecosystem of the place. The cost-effective accommodations and travel expenses are sure to go gentle on your pockets.

Amritsar: All that glitters is gold

Find spirituality at the banks of the pond of the famous golden temple of Amritsar. Sit together and eat a humble vegetarian meal at the temple for free which is sure to give you a soul-stirring experience. Amritsar is also a place known for its friendly people who are always open to welcome visitors. It also boasts of a marketplace that has something traditional and antique for every kind of a shopper.

These are 7 destinations in India that you can choose from. They are not only budget-friendly but also have a lot to offer. If you’re looking for a breather from a hectic life, it’s time to get packing and get moving for your weekend getaways. Bonne voyage!

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