Enjoy these interesting trivia about Mount Everest

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The Himalayas and more specifically Mount Everest evokes a feeling of awe. The highest mountain peak in the world which is replete with stories of adventure, courage, heartbreak and tragedy over the years. There are some interesting facts about Mount Everest that you may not be quite aware of. The author, in the article below, lists out a few such that makes for a good read. Team RetyrSmart

Enjoy these interesting trivia about Mount Everest

The highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest is every mountaineer’s dream! The mysterious mountain is situated in Nepal and marks the border of Nepal and Tibet. Every year, hundreds of adventurers try to climb Everest but only a few lucky ones succeed. It’s a thrilling experience to stand on top of the world and explore the wonders of the mighty Himalayas.

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Let’s see some of the more interesting facts about Everest.

Age of Everest

Did you know Everest is more than 60 million years old? Well as per history books and experts, the mountain was formed when India’s continental plate crashed into Asia. India’s plate was pushed under Asia which resulted in a huge mass of land upwards, and it gave birth to the world’s highest mountain range; the mighty Himalayas.

The height might have changed after the 2015 earthquake

According to the scientists, the height of Everest might have changed following the massive earthquake in 2015. Experts are currently in the process of re-measuring the tallest mountain.

Sir George Everest named it Peak 15

Those who don’t know, Everest was first discovered by Sir George Everest in 1841. He named it Peak 15. But in 1865, the name of the mountain was changed to Everest in honour of Sir George Everest. It was originally named Sagarmatha by the Nepalese, which means Goddess of the Sky. On the other hand, Tibetans recognise the mountain as Chomolungma, meaning Goddess Mother of Mountains.

Everest grows every year

Another amazing fact about this wonder of the world is that Everest grows every year! It happens because of the shifting of tectonic plates, which pushes the Himalayas upwards.

It costs a bomb to climb Everest

If you thought scaling Everest is a difficult task just physically, then you definitely know the cost of climbing the mountain. It can be financially draining as well as the average cost of scaling the world’s highest peak is around $ 45000 (nearly INR 33,80,415).

Height of Everest

Mount Everest stands tall at 8848 m which makes it the highest mountain on the planet! The first time scientists measured Everest was in 1856 and it was then 8840 m tall but then in 1955, the height was adjusted to 8848 m and it is the official height now as mentioned by the government of Nepal.

Kami Rita Sherpa holds the record for most ascents

Born 1970 in Solukhumbu, Nepal, Kami Rita Sherpa is a guide who is known for holding the record for most ascents to Everest (till March 2021). He has scaled Everest 25 times since 1994!

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