Enjoy some Mughlai Dishes at home

By July 7, 2021 LifeStyle

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Mughlai cuisine is one of the most popularly ordered food when Indians dine out. And for a good reason. Its richness and melt-in-mouth textures. And the general belief that it’s not easy to prepare Mughlai dishes at home. Maybe you can prove that this is not quite true by attempting one or more of the preparations collated by the author in the article below. Team RetyrSmart 

Enjoy some Mughlai Dishes at home

Here are 11 Of The Best Mughlai Recipes That You Can Try at Home:

  1. Chicken Korma

An authentic Indian curry, chicken korma is a treat for all non-vegetarians. Made by using succulent pieces of chicken in a host of whole spices, yogurt and a lot of nuts, this Mughlai era’s traditional dish is perfect to make at any dinner party or occasion. Click here for the recipe for Chicken Korma.

  1. Nihari Mutton

Straight from the beautiful region of Kashmir, this mutton dish is perfect to impress your guests with its hearty, meaty and delectable taste. This recipe is made with a host of numerous aromatic spices and herbs, mixed with curd and pressure-cooked until tender. Pair it up with khamiri roti, onion rings, mint chutney and enjoy the wholesome meal. Click here for the recipe for Nihari Mutton.

  1. Mughlai Pulao

One of the best rice dishes that you must have! The taste of Mughlai Pulao will leave you wanting it more again and again. Made with a myriad of spices and with the goodness of nuts and chicken, this recipe is perfect to serve in your next family and friends get together. Here’s the recipe for Mughlai Pulao.

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  1. Mutton Seekh Kebab

Made with mutton keema along with onion, ginger-garlic paste and a blend of spices, seekh kebabs makes for a great appetizer for every special occasion. Serve it with mint chutney, onion rings and enjoy this incredible dish. Click here for the recipe for Mutton Seekh Kebab.

  1. Mughlai Paratha

For those who love to dig into the parathas, here’s a recipe you can enjoy. A popular Bengali street food, this hot and delicious paratha is made with eggs, onion, green chillies and coriander leaves. Here’s the recipe for you for Mughlai Paratha

  1. Nargisi Kofta

Deep-fried eggs dipped into a zesty gravy, this easy-to-make dish is a must-have! This kofta recipe is made with hard-boiled eggs coated with a flavoursome minced meat mixture. Here’s the recipe for Nargisi Kofta

  1. Lamb Korma

A mouth-watering mutton recipe made with rich gravy and heavy cream. This recipe is ideal to relish at festive and special occasions or dinner parties. Team it with crisp naans and it’s a match made in heaven. Click here for the recipe for Lamb Korma.


  1. Galouti Kebab

A delectable treat from the land of Nawabs – Lucknow, these minced meat kebabs are made in true Nawabi-style and are usually served with ‘ulte tawa ka parantha’. Click here for the recipe for Galouti Kebab.

  1. Chicken Biryani

Biryani is undoubtedly the most-loved dish across the country and when it is about authentic chicken biryani, one cannot resist having a bowl full of it. A true bliss for non-veg lovers, serve it with mirchi ka salan and enjoy this heavenly treat. Here’s the recipe for Chicken Biryani.

  1. Mutton Biryani

A hearty mutton biryani that will amaze your guests! This recipe has layers of mutton, aromatic spices, herbs and saffron milk infused rice cooked ‘dum’ style. Here’s the recipe for Mutton Biryani.

  1. Shahi Tukda

End your Mughlai feast with a dessert that will stay with you for long. Shahi tukda is a royal treat in every sense. Click here for the recipe for Shahi Tukda.

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