Easy to do things that will ease your lock down blues right away

By May 14, 2020 LifeStyle

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The days of lockdown is taking its toll on many of us. Being cooped up. Living in uncertainty. Many issues to worry about without having a clear solution in sight. In all this wouldn’t you like to hear of some tips that will bring some joy and make you feel better right away. That’s just what the author has done in the article below. Team RetyrSmart

Easy to do things that will ease your lock down blues right away

So with that in mind, we’re focusing on very small things you can try to increase joy if your mood is dipping and your energy is low. And hope that some of these brighten your day a little bit.

  1. Open your curtains.

This might seem silly, but if you aren’t able to take daily walks or you feel stressed by going outside, opening your curtains or blinds each morning can be a nice way to interact with the natural world. Even on cloudy days, natural light can help brighten up your space. Bonus points if it’s warm enough to open your windows.

  1. Keep a gratitude list.

Gratitude practices are a tried-and-true mood-boosting method for many because the more you’re able to pinpoint things you’re grateful for, the more likely you are to train yourself to spot upsides in your life even when pretty much everything is objectively awful. If full-on journaling is overwhelming right now, try keeping a running list of things you’re grateful for as you think of them. I keep mine on my phone and nothing is off-limits—my toes are on the list.

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  1. Change your sheets.

Yes, this sounds more like a labour-intensive hygiene practice than a joyful one, but sliding into a bed with clean linens is a wonderful feeling. Breathe in that fresh-laundry scent. You deserve it.

  1. Read one page from a book you love.

This can range from Harry Potter to the Bible. Nikki C., 44, tells SELF that she reads a small passage on her Bible app each morning because, as a police officer required to work during the pandemic, “I find that it grounds me.”

Really, whatever genre you like might do the trick. My favorite quarantine reads are romance novels by Jasmine Guillory and Alexis Daria. In short, read whatever sparks joy. Or, if reading feels too daunting right now, consider an audiobook.

  1. Try to make someone (or yourself) laugh.

After being screenshotted by one of my best friends without my consent, I called her wearing an admittedly bizarre homemade mask, and we laughed for several minutes. You don’t have to wear a mask, but finding ways to laugh can clearly reduce stress and elevate your mood. In my unscientific opinion, laughing with someone you love is even more beneficial.

  1. Take a shower.

This might be a game-changer if you’re living with other people and find it hard to get time to yourself. “Showering is my moment to think about everything [and] to cry a little bit. It’s the only place in the house where people respect privacy,” Sabrina says. “I can close the door with no interruptions.”

  1. Have a “hard out” if you’re working from home.

If you’re able to work from home during the pandemic, you might have a tendency to work way beyond your normal schedule because where else do you have to go? But sticking to an evening routine and allowing yourself time to simply be at home (if you can) might help increase joy. Then you can use that time to do something else to boost your contentment, like have the aforementioned dance party.

  1. Create a playlist.

Maybe you don’t like to sing or dance, but bumping a playlist of your favourite songs might transport you back to summers as a kid, school dances, your wedding night, or a multitude of other moments that are, well, happier than right now.

  1. Write down a good day/bad day plan.

Creating a plan for coping with bad days is great, but it helps to write down a few things you can do if you’re having a good day as well (like handling a chore you’ve been putting off, taking a moment to notice and celebrate your good mood, or checking in on a few loved ones while you have the added energy). Having a plan for both good days and bad days normalizes how common both experiences can be, and keeping your written plan nearby is a helpful reminder—consider leaving it near your bed so that you can integrate it into your morning routine.

  1. Do something nice for someone else.

This doesn’t have to be elaborate. You can compliment a relative, make dinner for your roommate, or if you have the means, donate to an organization doing good right now. On top of definitely making someone else’s day more pleasant, doing something nice for other people might make you feel a little better too.

  1. Watch a cute animal live its unbothered life.

As a godmother to two beautiful cats, I’m often treated to videos and photos from their owners, and it does boost my mood for a second. Snuggling and playing with your pet (or watching videos of snuggly animals) is good for you, and if your pet really needs space, they’ll probably find a way to let you know.

  1. Acquire a low-maintenance skill.

There’s a lot of talk about learning to sew or writing books, but new skills can involve costly equipment and a stressful learning curve. Instead of doing all of that, experimenting with a simple pleasure might spark joy and result in a new hobby.

  1. Meditate (or just breathe).

There are meditation apps to help you develop your practice, but if the thought of mindfulness makes you bristle, just close your eyes and breathe for a few minutes. And if breathing devolves into crying, that’s okay.

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