Commonly used herbs that can help build immunity

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This period of lockdown has increased our sensitivity to the need to up our immunity. We have in the past also carried pieces relating to diets that help immunity. In this case the focus is on every day herbs commonly found in our households that can help improve our immunity. In the article below, a culinary expert helps list out such herbs that can help us with our immunity.  Team RetyrSmart

Commonly used herbs that can help build immunity


Tulsi or the holy basil is touted as the queen among medicinal herbs. It can effectively fight multiple diseases. Regular consumption of tulsi tea can ease migraine and indigestion as well.

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It belongs to the family of tulsi herb. Stevia is one of the essential oils that are added in perfumes and fragrances. It is excellent to cure indigestion and blood clotting as well.


A common ingredient that is added in Indian cooking, fenugreek seeds or powder is loaded with multiple vitamins and minerals. It can easily regulate the blood sugar level and avoid constipation as well.


The cool and refreshing mint leaves can cleanse your palette. They are excellent in easing stomach relates problems, respiratory illness, and some allergic reactions.

Coriander leaves

Coriander leaves take the flavour of food a few notches up. However, the antioxidants in them can strengthen the immune system. Dishes flavoured with coriander leaves are effective to cure problems related to high blood lipids, diarrhea, and indigestion.

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