Check out ways to increase productivity while using Gmail

By April 14, 2019 TechEasy

Gmail is one of the most popular email service providers which means many of you are already using Gmail. Given our dependence on email these days, we are sure most of us are heavy users of Gmail. And would definitely benefit from these lesser known hacks that could boost your productivity while using Gmail. The article below takes you through a series of hacks that you will find interesting and useful. Team RetyrSmart

Check out ways to increase productivity while using Gmail

1. Unsend a Sent Email

Email blunders are extremely common. An AOL survey, covered by CBS states that around 32% of people accidentally forward the wrong email.

A wrongly sent mail with an undesired attachment or carrying confidential knowledge may create a bad impression as a professional or can even ruin your career.

Keeping this common error in mind, Gmail has created a feature that can help to “unsend” a sent email within a time span of up to 30 seconds.

To do this, simply go to the “Settings” page of your Gmail account. Enable the Undo Send button and set the invalidation period according to your wish. The below given screenshot will help you to understand better.

2. Get All Emails in One Tab

Are you the kind of person who hates tab hopping? Would you rather see all your emails at one place rather than different tabs like Social and Promotional?

This hack ensures that all your emails, irrespective their category are all neatly stacked up in your primary Inbox.

To achieve this, simply go to the settings of your Gmail and click on the Inbox tab. You can un-select the promotional and social check box and now all your email would be in one place.

The following screenshot should help:

3. Get More Tabs

However, if you are not someone who likes a laundry list of things, you can likewise add tabs like Updated and Forums and further segregate emails.

Emails will now automatically be clubbed into the new tabs, helping you focus on important emails.

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