7 Things That Android Users Can Do That iOS Users Can’t

By April 14, 2019 TechEasy

Its over the years become a classic rivalry. iPhone users swear by their iOS system. Android users are becoming increasingly possessive about their system. Here in a slight departure from the usual script, the article is about Advantage Android. Team RetyrSmart

7 Things That Android Users Can Do That iOS Users Can’t

The debate over Android and iOS has loomed on for far too long. Flaunting that half-eaten Macintosh apple might be enough of a reason for one to buy it. However, 10 years has equipped the younger sibling- Android, with more tricks to flaunt.

1. Personalizing Your Device

Themes, launchers, live wallpapers- you name it and Android will have you an option to change it. Tough luck for iOS users.

2. Managing Phone’s Storage

If you want to move files around your phone, or even modify them, Android lets you do that. It also does not bind you to a single file manager. iPhone users, where your iTunes at?

3. Recording Phone Calls

Do your friends drunk-dial you but never believe you when you tell them about it? Custom UI or third-party apps lets you record those bizarre conversations and play it in their faces again and again.

4. Custom ROMs

Bored with the appearance and behavior of your Android phone? You can actually install these cool-ass things called custom ROMs that will spice up your device. As a bonus, they also add extra functionality.

5. Split-Screen

Never again let your binge watching sessions be disturbed by “Why aren’t you texting me?” and vice versa. Open two apps at once and satisfy both parties.

6. Multi-Users

Handing your phone over to someone else for a day? Enable the guest account to limit access to your apps and keep all your secrets safe.

7. Default Apps

Choosing which app to open that link from again and again can be a pain in the arse. Luckily, on Android, you can choose a default app that will keep you from saying “F*** IT!”.

Android-1, iOS-0. Let’s see if the next iteration of iOS levels the competition.

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