5 of the best in God’s Own Country

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Kerala state offers such a seamless choice of beautiful locales right across its entire area, that its quite difficult to quite short list a few of them as the best places to visit. But tourists, bloggers, travellers, tour operators etc have been putting out such lists forever. Here too, the author points out 5 destinations within Kerala that seem to best exemplify the sobriquet “God’s Own Country” that Kerala has earned for itself. Find out which are these 5 places in the article here. Team RetyrSmart

5 of the best in God’s Own Country

Kerala is known as “God’s own country.” Therefore, it is very obvious that one will get to see places in this city, which will provide that heavenly feeling to us. However, each and every place of this state is beautiful and there could not be any comparisons. Here we are suggesting 5 of the best places in Kerala where heaven manifest itself.


The first place that one must visit in Kerala for getting that heavenly feeling is Alleppey. This place is considered as the Venice of India. The place is complete beauty and is the best destination when it comes to a holiday on a houseboat. It is surrounded by the things that are symbols of beauty in Kerala like the paddy fields, beautiful coconut trees, etc. One can even find ducks and lilies in the water bodies, that is not just a thing of beauty, but a matter of joy too. When visiting Alleppey, places that one must not visit are Alappuzha Beach, Krishnapuram Palace, Sri Krishna Temple, and many other places. Apart from this, one must experience the snake boat race that is held here in the month of August or September.

Tea gardens of Munnar

Tea gardens are way too beautiful and its mesmerizing beauty gives us the feeling as if we are in heaven. Munnar is a place in Kerala which is a hub of tea gardens. This tea plantation is extended in an area around 80, 000 miles. This is considered as one of the best places for the honeymoon couple. One can easily find good and comfortable hotels for staying in Munnar. Due to its serene beauty, the place is a must visit in Kerala.

The other places being

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Fort Kochi


So, these were a few of the places that one must visit when in Kerala to get that heavenly feeling.

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