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Younger folks are faced with twin challenges. One is planning your own retirement which lies ahead some years ahead. And the second is dealing with your aging parents. We try to bring you a selection of content that will help you with more information and ideas on working with both these challenges

  • See how the internet can change your parent's life

    Almost overnight, Charlie went from being an irrepressible 74-year-old to being withdrawn and silent.

    For his family, it was distressing to see such a formidable man lose interest in all the things that gave him joy such as doing cryptic crosswords and his membership of high IQ club Mensa. . ....Read More

  • Sandwich generation’ more worried about elderly care than childcare

    You might assume that childcare would be the main issue keeping parents awake and anxious at night, but a Which? survey has revealed that 40-60 year olds worry more about supporting their own mums and dads than their kids.

    Dubbed ‘the sandwich generation’ because they are in the ‘sandwich’ of caring for both their parents and their children, many 40 to 60 year olds are juggling multiple demands. . ....Read More

  • A good diet in adulthood can improve physical fitness in old age

    A study looked at the long-term effect of a healthy diet during adulthood on physical function in older age and found it boosted physical fitness. The team, led by scientists at the University of Southampton, gathered data from 969 British men and women whose lifestyles have been monitored since they were born, in March 1946. ....Read More

  • Dealing With Difficult Older Parents?

    In his work providing psychological evaluations of geriatric patients, Dr. Paul Chafetz hears frequent complaints.

    Every week, adult children tell the North Dallas psychologist some variation of, “My mom is driving me crazy; my dad’s impossible.”

    Hurtful sarcasm, irrational demands, constant criticism, and underserved anger can take its toll on children, even adult children, Chafetz said....Read More

  • Aging parents and difficult decisions

    The child/parent relationship is a constantly moving dynamic. When you were small, they cared for your needs. As you grew into adolescence they worried over you while trying to get you ready for independence. As you launched into the world beyond their home, they let you go, perhaps with tears, perhaps with a sigh of relief. But as time passes and they grow older, the burden of care can shift, this time to the child. This process is fraught with emotion on both sides. Meanwhile, difficult decisions must be made to ensure the ongoing care and wellbeing of parents as they age. ...Read More

  • 12 Essential Steps To Help Keep Your Retirement Strategy On Track

    Saving enough money for a comfortable and worry-free retirement is still an area where many Americans are falling behind. While retirement preparedness has improved over the last few years, four in 10 Americans are not saving any money or altogether failing to put together a strategy for retirement, according to this year’s Retirement Confidence Survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute. Additionally, only 18% of those actively saving for retirement say they are feeling very confident in their ability to live a comfortable life after retiring. ....Read More

  • 5 steps to make retirement years happier for your parents

    As they strive to give the offspring the best, parents often end up jeopardising their own future. They toil hard to put the children through school and college. Access to summer camps, cricket or dance lessons are encouraged. When higher studies beckon, they pour in more money for the best tuitions. When the admission letter arrives, they happily sign off the cheque or take on a huge loan. At the child’s wedding, money is no object.
     ....Read More

  • Worried if your elder parents are safe and secure ?.

    Worried if your elder parents are safe and secure from accidents and crimes in their house? Are they taking medicines on time? What if they run into a heart attack or other emergencies? Here are some top home safety tips for older adults, to help make sure your parents are safe at home when you are not with them. The death rate from injuries in the home is approximately 3 times higher for older people than for the younger.. So when more and more seniors choose to live in their own houses instead of living with children, safety in the home alone for the elderly has been a big issue. ...Read More

  • Be Aware: Elderly easy target of fraudsters.

    PUNE: Senior citizens have emerged as the latest victims of cybercrime frauds with criminals tricking them into disclosing their bank details.

    In Pune, such cases make up 10 cent of the total cybercrime fraud cases, says Pune cybercrime cell senior inspector Sunil Pawar. In Bangalore, Calcutta and elsewhere, around 20 per cent victims of such frauds are the elderly. Delhi has witnessed a spurt in victims of such crimes. Noida has emerged as the hub of e-banking frauds with the police registering around 850 cases in 2016. ... Read More