second inning

Retirement does not have to be the beginning of the end. Just because you have completed your tenure with one job does not mean that you cannot pursue other careers or opportunities. They could even be in areas very different from what you have been doing.

Jut browse down and you can read more about thoughts on working in retirement and find some tips and suggestions too. We at RetyrSmart sincerely believe that the retired people in our Retyrsmart community are an awesome resource to support a variety of businesses ranging in size and complexity. Our belief is based on:

Retired people come with decades of experience which can be leveraged very well by potential employers to their advantage

Especially, in today’s day and age where start-ups are the order of the day. Yes, even in start- ups! A majority of the start-ups are run by enthusiastic and bright young men & women who could benefit with the experience and stability that retired people bring to the table

Further, retired persons tend to be more flexible, whether its with regards to the hours and timing or with compensation related issues

Retired folks are “stayers” and not job hoppers!

Go to Work Opportunities and register yourself if you are interested in a Second Innings. The team at RetyrSmart is reaching out to as many potential employers as possible to make a case for including our members into their Manpower plans and to visit our website to look at potential resources. Over time we will get such businesses to announce suitable positions that come up.

So, please visit this section regularly to see if there are any interesting opportunities that suit your current situation

All the Best

Team RetyrSmart

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