passion street

There are a host of sensible reasons for keeping yourself busy when living a retired life. Some of them are obvious and some of them may surprise you, but all of them in different ways, are very likely to lengthen your life – or even save it. But if nothing else, living the older years with purpose simply makes you happier.

People talk about having hobbies in old age. Of course, hobbies are fun and keep the mind and body active. Or you could be enhancing your skills which could help you keep busy in a productive way. And doing something you enjoy makes you happy.

And if you’re happy, you’re less likely to succumb to a host of ailments that can make themselves felt in the older years. As important as hobbies are, they are only one aspect of keeping yourself engaged and present. There is a spread of benefits that an active, thoughtful life with interests, or even work, will evince.

In this section our team at Retyrsmart endeavours to provide you with thoughts and ideas regarding pursuing Hobbies and learning new Skills. In Activity Avenue some specific destinations, Online & Offline, where you could pursue a particular Hobby or Skill Development are being explored to share with you and will be built upon as we go along. Also in development stage is a play area that allows you to play games with and/or against fellow members of the Retyrsmart community.

Passion Street is a section where you can come and spend time regularly and frequently to keep yourself active mentally.

Enjoy activity!!

Team RetyrSmart


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