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Retirement does not have to be the beginning of the end. Just because you have completed your tenure with one job does not mean that you cannot pursue other careers or opportunities

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There are a host of sensible reasons for keeping yourself busy when living a retired life. Some of them are obvious and some of them may surprise you,...

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Homeopathy: Your health partner for the second innings of your life
Dr Mukesh Batra
Founder & Chairman Emeritus

All over the world life expectancy has increased, leading to a sharp rise in the number of elderly people. India has around 100 million elderly at present and the number is expected to increase to 323 million, constituting 20 per cent of the total population, by 2050....Read More


In today's world, health, has at last got its deserved place, right up in the forefront. And it comes even more into focus when we grow older as more and more challenges come up. Brought on by our hectic and often indulgent lifestyles as well as the increased   .....Read More


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Managing our finances leading up to retirement and in retirement is a very key ingredient that will determine how happy we are in retirement. The financial environment is getting more complicated and more tricky, by the day. You will be well served by delving into as many ideas ..... Read More

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As people who are retiring or already retired, you must be looking forward to the time and resources available to travel to new places. While travel is interesting and offers many opportunities, it does present you with a number of challenges such... Read More

Younger folks are faced with twin challenges. One is planning your own retirement which lies ahead some years ahead. And the second is dealing with your aging parents. We try to bring you a selection of content that will help you with more information and ideas on working with both these challenges.... Read More


EPFO Norms Relaxed For Pensioners, Submitting Certificates Becomes Easy

New Delhi, November 23: With an aim to remove difficulties faced by pensioners, the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) on Wednesday relaxed norms for submission of life certificates.

In a major relief to pensioners, the life certificate in physical form may be accepted from such pensioners who have recorded genuine reasons for non-submission of digital Jeevan Pramaan. The new conditions provide that those who have not submitted Jeevan Pramaan digitally even once can do so within this month. The facility of submitting Jeevan Pramaan is available at all EPFO offices, pension disbursing banks and common service centres
EPFO Norms Relaxed For Pensioners, Submitting Certificates Becomes Easy