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Retirement does not have to be the beginning of the end. Just because you have completed your tenure with one job does not mean that you cannot pursue other careers or opportunities. They could even be in areas very different from what you have been doing. Read more about thoughts on working in retirement and maybe tips and suggestions We at RetyrSmart sincerely believe that the retired people in our Retyrsmart community are an awesome resource.

Team Retrysmart, will be sharing as many viewpoints as possible regarding the importance of continuing to work, finding new opportunities, embarking on newer fields etc.

In this section you will find articles and blogs regarding Retirement & Work published on our site since the beginning. Productive Reading !!

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  • So Much To Do @ 60

    Really? When I meet friends who ask me how is my ‘retired life’, I often tell them that my life is as busy as it was, except for the headache of meeting a ‘revenue budget’ every month. And I think I am lucky.. . . . .Read More

  • The Three Lies People Tell Themselves About Retirement

    Most people don’t set out to lie to themselves about retirement, but it’s hard not to do. The issue stems from people going into it with overgeneralized assumptions and vague ideas about what everyday life in retirement will look and feel like. In other words, people think retirement is going to be or mean one thing, and then when it doesn’t turn out that way, they have to lie to themselves in order to rationalize how they feel about it. Overtime, the lie is perpetuated onto others and the tradition carries on. . . . .Read More

  • Passing on your wealth without causing unhappiness

    Most older people in some way or the other are working through their estate planning. What to leave to whom and how are the key questions that you may be trying to address. In this article here, a family wealth expert raises an important issue of how to manage passing on of an inheritance without leaving anybody unhappy in the process. Team RetyrSmart feels these will be useful inputs for many of our readers as they go about their estate planning. . . .Read More

  • Healthy Retirement is Happy Retirement !

    Most of us would be looking forward to our Retirement as period of leisure and fun with no deadlines to be met. It’s also a time when we tend to focus a bit more on ourselves. Team RetyrSmart urges our readers to focus on good health too during Retirement as we believe that Healthy Retirement is Happy Retirement. .. . . . .Read More

  • The 7 Wonders of the World. The New List

    We have all grown up reading about the 7 Wonders of the World. Of those the only one we could possibly see today is the Pyramids of Giza. Why not look at new set of Wonders as per popular opinion. Team RetyrSmart would look forward to hearing from our readers about what they feel about these new Wonders .. . . . .Read More

  • Planning on Retirement ? Important things to consider well in advance

    Are you planning to retire soon? Are you dreaming of the retirement phase of your life? It is easy to fantasize about how you might spend your time: traveling, spending time with loved ones exploring hobbies, etc.

    Well that is the easy part. If you are seriously considering retiring in the next year or so, below are some recommendations for things that need to happen before you start hinting at retirement party ideas at work. .. . . . .Read More

  • How To Make Your Retirement More Meaningful

    Retirement is a major life transition, but its stages are predictable. Sadly, most people don’t think it through all the way. Many retire simply because they hate their job or as soon as they have enough money. Before they retire, they work 40-60 hours per week, which is a lot of time to fill. The average retiree watches 43 hours of TV per week. Don’t let yourself fall into that rut. These 10 tips can help you have a meaningful retirement. .. . . . .Read More

  • Things I’ll Do Differently When I’m Old

    Soon after my 50th birthday, 10 years ago, I started keeping a list of “Things I will do/things I won’t do when I get old.”

    It was a highly judgmental, and super secret, accounting of all the things I thought my parents were doing wrong. My dad lied chronically about taking his meds. He refused to get a hearing aid, telling others to “up their audio” (he had been a television producer). My mom smoked behind my back (she thought) until the day she was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was all too easy to call them out, and I recognized over and over just how awful it is to become feeble, sick and increasingly absent-minded, or worse. .. . . . .Read More

  • where do i begin ?

    The new year is off to a brisk start, as usual. You were quite busy last year, as usual. Lots of thoughts

    on what needs doing but lots didn’t get done, as usual. And now not too sure where to begin on allthe pending thoughts, as usual. If you have not been keeping meticulous notes, it’s possible you don’t remember most of the things that went through your mind last year. That’s not a nice place to be in if you intend making 2018 a much more productive and effective year for yourself.. . . . .Read More

  • 7 Ways Senior Men Can Overcome Loneliness, The Silent Killer

    Loneliness is one of the top threats to senior men’s health. Living in isolation can take a physical, mental, and emotional toll in older adults. Relentless solitude can accelerate the rate of cognitive decline, and increase the risk of heart disease by 29 percent and stroke by 32 percent. It’s as important a risk factor for early death as obesity and smoking. For Boomer men told to “man up” their entire lives and not ask for help, loneliness can be a silent killer. . . . .Read More

  • Retirement tips: 4 steps to a happier retirement

    Is retirement near? Are you among the 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 daily? It’s exciting, yet daunting — freedom tainted with dreaded aging. Here are my four favorite lifestyle tips for happy retirement, culled from decades of working with retired folk. . . . .Read More

  • How to Stay Busy During Retirement

    You’ve done the hard part: spent a lifetime getting out of bed and going to work, taken care of your family, and saved up for a nice, long retirement. But what exactly do you do to fill all your hard earned free time? Boredom and depression are some common reactions people have to retirement, where there seems to be so much time and so little to do. Fight off restlessness by focusing on recreational activities or volunteer work to keep busy. . . .Read More

  • An Opportunity: The Freebird Club: An Airbnb for the 50+ Set

    In his excellent new book, The Longevity Economy, MIT AgeLab Director Joseph F. Coughlin makes a compelling case that too many businesses fail to recognize or understand older consumers. Let me tell you about a new and intriguing business that’s bucking this trend by wisely serving people 50 and above. It’s called The Freebird Club and it might change the way you or your parents travel. . .Read More

  • Make a Happiness Plan for Retirement

    Sally Balch Hurme, author of the new book Get the Most Out of Retirement: Checklist for Happiness, Health, Purpose, and Financial Security, published by the American Bar Association, says that people facing the “R” word are split on the idea; some look forward to a leisurely life on the golf course or becoming world travelers, others are terrified at the prospect of not having enough to do. .Read More

  • Age No Bar

    Some of Mumbai’s most spirited senior citizens are proving that passion for good health comes with no expiry date .Read More

  • Retirement and the relationship with your spouse (Part I)

    When you retire, you switch bosses. From the one who hired you to the one who married you. As someone said, marriage is like a fine wine, if tended properly It just gets better with age. . ..Read More

  • How to Retire Happy - 5 Tips Backed by Science

    In order to retire happy you need to have two boxes checked: 1) financial security 2) good health. These two categories are mutually dependent on one another. Without wealth, you’ll constantly be worried about maintaining basic needs, as a result, your health will suffer. Without health, you have no energy to enjoy all the pleasures wealth can offer. Today I want to dive deeper into these two categories and give you some tips – five to be exact – backed by science that will guarantee a happy retirement. . ..Read More

  • 4 Tips to Become a Consultant for Your Second Career

    I’ve had the same conversation hundreds of times with different professionals. It’s the one in which I convince them that not only are they capable of being a successful consultant, they’re capable of doing it today. ..Read More

  • About to retire? Here's how your retirement portfolio should look

    Ask 73-year-old Delhi-based Ravinder Kumar Arora his secret to living such a happy retired life and he promptly replies, “disciplined savings and sound investments done in early life.” A war veteran, Arora had to leave the Army because he lost his left leg in the 1971 war which left him confined to the hospital bed for a long time. “I just took it in my stride and after nine years in service, I retired at the age of 30,” he says. . ....Read More

  • About to retire? Here's how your retirement portfolio should look

    Is your retirement round the corner? If so, planning your finances for the golden years would be on top of your agenda. What could be bothering you is how to allocate your money among various assets to generate a decent return maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Financial planners suggest that one need to be careful with risks as one approaches retirement or is retired. So, cutting down on direct exposure to equity and raising debt investment for regular income is one of the main pillars of a good asset mix. ....Read More

  • How spending now leads to a richer retirement

    Generations of financial advisers and personal finance columnists have shouted the same plea: Save as much as you can! You'll need the money when you're old!  ....Read More


  • 6 things you must get right at retirement
  • For most people, reaching retirement will be the biggest financial event of their lives. It is a big jump from receiving a regular salary and the benefits that come along with that, to living off what you have saved.
    . ....Read More

  • Senior citizens are happily challenging the notions that old age is a slowdown

    So, what will we do after retirement?” The ball for a discussion was set rolling with this question among a motley group of friends in their late forties. Nothing surprising in it as the reminders of retirement can confront one unexpectedly. Retirement like mortality is a hard fact that each one of us is bound to face sooner or later. Only difference, however, is that there is a full stop when you think of end of life whereas a long (that's what most of us believe) road remains to be traversed at the end of working life or retirement. .....Read More

  • 4 Smart Tips for a Happy Retirement - From Someone Who’s Been There

    After a long career, retirement is uncharted territory. It's pure bliss to some people but an uncomfortable transition for others, who find the task of constructing a new life to be daunting. . ... Read More

  • How to replace a career once you retire

    While the early days of retirement and the ample amounts of free time it offers can be joyous, for many the initial rush is followed by a major comedown where the social and financial realities start to set in. . ....Read More

  • Always Tour a Senior Living Community Before Moving in

    If I ask you to rate your happiness from 1 to 10, what will be your score? According to the latest World Happiness Report, Americans ranked as the 13th happiest country in the world while Denmark ranked No. 1.[1]Very often we’ll have to go through some downtimes. At our darkest moments, what we need most is some motivation and encouragement.Inspiring quotes can change your way of thinking and help you get away from negative emotions.If you, or your friends, are feeling lost, these 110 quotes will give you a hand of help:. .. Read More

  • 5 Tips for Becoming a Great Mentor

    Ask anyone if they want a Mentor and after a few minutes of them thinking about who their own personal “Yoda” could be, they all answer yes. Ask anyone what qualities they should look for in a mentor, for themselves, and the answer becomes a little more convoluted. Follow-up both questions with how they would go about becoming a mentor and you could be waiting for awhile to get an answer back from them. .  ... Read More

  • This nani’s retirement is busier than her working years

    Sona Kumar, a former Reserve bank of India (RBI) employee, is 70, but she hasn’t let age get in the way of her dream of serving society. Today, her organisation, Sona Sarovar Trust, supports over 100 underprivileged children living in slums around Jogeshwari, providing them education, and helping the community at large by organising health check-ups. . ... Read More